Sunday, October 11, 2015

Lay's USA New York Reuben

I probably should have reviewed these a lot sooner, but frankly, all 4 of these limited edition flavors bore me to death.
The first bag I'm gonna talk about is "New York Reuben", and before I do that, I will preface that I have never tried a Reuben sandwich. I don't know what this is supposed to taste like guys!
To me, it tasted similar to a Pastrami sandwich, which I have tried. And based on that, I can tell you this bag does have a very authentic brined, seasoned meat, flavor. It also has a salty, tangy cheese flavor. I'm guessing that is to mimic the cheese and dressing that is typical on this type of sandwich.
As for the typical flavors of Rye Bread and Sauerkraut, I'm not sure that either of those are present here. Although, as with a majority of Lay's sandwich flavored bags, the potato does a good job of playing substitute for the bread.
Now, as someone who isn't keen on these type of sandwiches, I can say, that while this bag is not overtly offensive to me, It just BORES me! ...I could eat it if I had nothing else, but I don't want to.
Nothing about this bag is compelling, that could be totally different for other people. Like, I loved the BLT bag when it came out, but it didn't last very long, so I imagine I was one of the few.
I guess what I'm saying is, if you like these typical NYC Deli flavors, then you will enjoy the bag. If not, it'll put you to sleep. zzzz.

Do you agree? Am I wrong? Is this your pick for the best "Do Us A Flavor" finalist?
Sound off in the comments below...

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Gotta Get At This: Cheetos White Cheddar Bag Of Bones

Halloween is just around the corner, and Cheetos is in the holiday mood. This year they've released "Bag of Bones" a White Cheddar assortment of skeleton pieces. I saw these in the wild at a Walmart (but I didn't pick em up cuz I'm on a diet, and I can't be eating delicious skeletons right now). This past Easter Cheetos did a fun seasonal cinnamon bag of Easter Eggs, so it's cool to see them continue the seasonal inventiveness. If you love Cheetos like I love Cheetos, grab em before the season ends... (or wait til November 1st & catch em on sale ;p ).