Monday, February 27, 2012

Lay's USA Kettle Cooked Sea Salt & Cracked Pepper

Didn't love, or even like, this bag very much.
Sounds good in theory, but what's really in this bag should just be labeled "Cracked Pepper". This bag MAJORLY needed some salt. To me, as good as the texture of the chips were, the bag could not be salvaged. But that is based on just the label "Sea Salt & Cracked Pepper". I REALLY wanted the combination. Instead I got a lot of that really low heat from the Pepper alone, which was a singular note on my palate and pretty underwhelming. Just one taste, kinda boring, ... meh.

This bag is for hxc peppercorn lovers. Or someone who has the time to add salt themselves. End of story.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Lay's Arabia French Cheese

This bag is so weird I put off writing about it for a little while. It's a bag of French Cheese Lay's from Lay's Arabia. The chips are like US domestic lays, they have a flaky, thin, texture to them. Lots of air bubbles from the fry, and you can see a bit of oil on the surface. They had a hint of potato flavor to them, not as much as I would like. The seasoning itself is what tripped me out. The first few chips were AWESOME. It was a fun unique taste with nostalgia for me, as I had grown up eating this cheese. HOWEVER, I started to notice a lack of salt and the sourish after taste the cheese was leaving on my palate. Halfway through I had to quit. I still have the other half and would love to try and finish it to give this review more resolution... because frankly I don't know how I feel about this bag. I KNOW that I had the thought "these are my new favorite" when I started... but by the end was like "no I cant have another one, uh uh". I think this is definitely made for fans of cheeses like Jarlsberg and the like. It has what I would call a "potent" finish to it. So if you like funky cheese taste it may be something you really enjoy. This bag can be purchased across the emirates and I think the flavor also exists in other middle eastern countries (by other versions of Lays). Definitely a nice change of pace from the usual Cheddar.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Walkers UK Steak & Onion

Um, this is a bag of Walkers Steak & Onion. It tastes like steak... and onions.

I wish that that was a satisfactory blog entry, but I guess I could expand on the subject.

These taste like Walkers. The best potato chips ever made. The potato chips are packed with the essence of a potato pulled fresh from a British field. They are fried in an unassuming oil that brings out the decadent flavor and gives the potato a smooth texture and a delightful crunch.

They are dressed up to taste like steak, which is a done with a typical meat seasoning. Then, these chips take a unique turn and catch you with the taste of grilled onions. Its like eating steak, with grilled onions, and a baked potato for dinner. That's it! That's my description. These taste like: STEAK DINNER.

I bet people love the heartiness of these chips in cold weather, but in California they are a bit heavy on the palate.

If you like meaty chips, get up in this business. Especially if you are an onion fan.
PS. bring gum for afterwards, they will leave you with onion breath.