Sunday, August 2, 2015

Contest: Lay's USA Do Us A Flavor 2015 Finalists Announced!

They announced these flavors last week, but I was on vacation so sorry if you didn't hear the news here. However, if you didn't already find out... GUESS WHAT! Lay's announced the 4 flavor finalists in their Do Us A Flavor competition! This batch of flavors is pretty wild; this year's premise was that they've been inspired by local, regional flavors, so let's see what we've got and walk through them together.
First up, a Kettle Cooked option, "Greektown Gyro" a Gyro and Tzatziki flavored chip inspired by a Gyro shop in Texas. For this flavor to work, it's probably gonna be pretty hearty when paired with that thicker Kettle Chip. The Costco bag of Tzatziki chips I reviewed the other day was pretty authentic and delicious, so I'm hopeful these are gonna follow suit.
Next up, the Wavy option, "West Coast Truffle Fries". These are inspired by dressed up French Fries from Irvine, CA. Since, I live pretty close to Irvine, I'll just go out on a limb and say, this is not a typical thing. Yes, we do have a hipster foodie scene that sells all sorts of things on top of French Fries, but Truffle is not something I have found specifically often. These are probably pretty delicious though, since the Wavy chip only has to do the job of Fries. Not that hard to mess up. Right?
Third up is "Southern Biscuits and Gravy"; now this says regional flavor to me! It's another flavor of a dressed up starch, so if they can nail that gravy flavor and a hint of floury biscuits, these should be awesome.
Last one is "New York Reuben", again a flavor that sounds super regional to me and makes perfect sense. I'm a huge fan of the way Lay's USA handles Sandwich flavors, so I have no doubt this will be great. I anticipate it will have the corned beef flavor, and a sour note from either sauerkraut or pickles or both, and then a sweetness from rye bread.

So what are your thoughts about this year's finalists? Are they too extreme? Or are you excited?
Share your opinions in the comments section below.

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Gotta Get At This: Lay's France Deep Ridged and Limited Edition Flavors

More Deep Ridged Chips yall! France is getting in the game with "Barbecue", "Nature", "Sweet Chili", and "Sour Cream & Onion". BUT WHO CARES, everyone has these lame-o flavors and Deep Ridges! The real dopeness is the Limited Edition flavors they've just launched; "Summer Salsa", "Piment Basque (Basque Pepper)", and "Sandwich Parisian". All 3 of those flavors sound wild! What does French Salsa taste like? And Chips that taste like Sandwiches are ALWAYS good, that is a fact!
I'll be in France in a few weeks, so I'm gonna hunt these down hard. Wish me luck.
Has anyone tried these? I'd love to know if they hit the mark or not. Share your thoughts in the comments section below :)

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Lay's USA Wavy Greek Tzatziki

So I'm sitting here at my cousin's house, trying to finalize our next International escapade... and she pulls this bag out! I'm like "why didn't you tell me about this!!" And she thought, obviously, that because I am the mastermind behind a ridiculous chip blog, I would have already had the pleasure. BUT NO!
UM, YOU GUYS...It's "Greek Tzatziki!! In the US!! On a Wavy Chip!!

Apparently she found this bag at Costco. Costco is known to have a lot of exclusive deals with Frito-Lay, (they exclusively carry Organic Ruffles, Organic Stacey's Pita Chips, and MSG-free Doritos Supreme Cheddar) so IDK maybe they are Costco exclusives... but no matter what, I've never heard of these!

Unlike Canada's intense fail of a "Tzatziki" chip, this version.... ACTUALLY TASTES LIKE TZATZIKI! The bag smells rich of Yogurt and Garlic. mmm. Then you take a bite, and the spot on taste of Yogurt, Garlic, Cucumber, and Dill cover your palette. The thick cut wavy chip is perfect. It's hearty and tastes like you've actually taken a chip and dipped it in Tzatziki. Everything about this bag is perfect. I was so surprised!

As, I've talked about here before, I make Tzatziki all the time at home, so I know what I think it should taste like... and to me this was just very well done! Maybe a little heavy handed on the garlic if I had to nitpick... but I can't because these were just a smash.
If you have a Costco Card, I say you gotta find these. They are just soooo good. Ask your friends to get them for you, do something.
Great for fans of Sour Cream & Onion or Ranch looking for a change... or even fans of the Wavy Roasted Garlic & Sea Salt.
So... has anyone seen these anywhere other than Costco? Have you tried them? Let's discuss in the comments section below!

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Lay's Canada Salt & Vinegar

You know when you open a bag of chips and you start eating and then there are no chips left because you inhaled them like a starving beast? Ya? Me too. Cuz thats what I did to this bag.
This is Lay's Canada's Salt & Vinegar... a tangy, salty, burn your lips kinda bag, that is ever so hard to get just right.
The bag smells so Vinegar-y when you pop it open, a good sign. Then you bust out the first chip, and you think to yourself, "ow, do I have water nearby?", but the feeling goes away quickly and you are left with a bag of chips that are just delicious. Ok, so the potato was just basic, and the salt was relatively mild, but that Vinegar was so perfect it makes up for the rest of the bag just being standard. The vinegar is bright and acidic, with a hint of sweetness at the end. It makes this bag really forgiving and easy to demolish.
Compared to the US version of this flavor, it is a lot easier to eat, the US equivalent burns and the Vinegar is so strong you have to put the bag down often.
All in all, I consider this bag a great bag, easy to eat, good flavor, satisfying. A+

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Contest: Lay's Dominicana Cual Es El Sabor 2015 Mystery Bag Revealed

Wow yall, wow! Lay's Dominican Republic ACTUALLY released the details of a contest ending! Amazing!! (sarcasm sarcasm sarcasm) Good for the marketing team! They finally finished a job that they were hired to do. Aww!

Ok, everyone calm down!

The mystery bag flavor for the "Cual Es El Sabor?" (What is the flavor?) contest was released and the flavor is "Tomate y Herbas" (Tomato and Herb). The picture is a pic of a bowl of tomato soup or puree with basil on top. It's a flavor we see every once and a while, I know the US had a gross version of it called "Garden Tomato and Basil" and I just talked about Romania's "Tomato and Green Herbs" the other day. I could really care less about this flavor, I think the real victory here is that DR finally showed us the winner of a contest that they've promoted online. Because now if you want to buy it, you actually know it exists.

So, do you want to try it? Did you try the mystery bag? Did you guess right?
Let us know in the comments below!

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Lay's Thailand กุ้งมังกรผัดซอสเอ็กซ์โอ Fried Lobster in XO Sauce

Yo. I should not have done this. Ok. I just, I shouldn't have.
This, my friends, is Lay's Thailand's version of "Chinese Fried Lobster in XO Sauce". And you know what? It tastes like "Chinese Fried Lobster in XO Sauce".
Let's start with the smell, the bag smells like Hot Asian Seafood. Like, when you put your face right down into the plate at a Chinese restaurant and your plate is still hot, and you breathe in deep and you smell that plate. Surprisingly though, very authentic.
The chips were fine, I'm not gonna lie and tell you I was focused on the chips, cuz I wasn't. I was paying attention to the seasoning. Thailand's got a good chip though, much better than most other Countries. They looked exactly like the one on the picture of the bag, but with a brown-orange seasoning on it.
Now, the seasoning is SPOT ON. Like no joke, I tasted Lobster, and a myriad of hearty Chinese spices.You get the bold Lobster flavor, definitely shellfish, and it is hugged by a complicated mix of garlic and onion and chili and so many things.

I grew up in a largely Chinese community, went to Chinese school when I was little, and have even toured the Country... so I feel very confident saying that this bag was seasoned very authentically. If I closed my eyes, I would say these were Chinese chips before predicting Thai.

So, was this bag a success or a failure? Well, while I completely regret trying these (the things I do for this blog), I think the bag is a total success! This bag isn't made for a person like me who would sit at home and munch on Cheetos if given a choice; it's made for the Thai consumer, who have MANY more fish flavored snacks than we do in the US. And this bag was really a killer seafood flavor. It was complex with Lobster flavor finished by the variety of aromatic spices. To nail the flavor so perfectly, and to make the potato chip suit that seasoning so well, is a very hard task to achieve.

I think this bag is probably like Chip Report Level: Expert, but if you are a daring soul, you might as well just try it. Or if you are in Thailand and want to have an experience, just do it. But I don't think you need to chase these down, unless you really love your fishy flavored snacks, then by all means this is a great one! I picked these up rather easily on Amazon and just had them delivered to my door. Easy Peezy.

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Walkers UK Extra Crunchy Sticky BBQ Rib

MMMM. Walkers. How I missed you.
This is an exquisite bag of Walkers Extra Crunchy in "Sticky BBQ Rib" flavor. The chip comes in the Extra Crunchy cut which is a thicker cut chip... not exactly a Kettle Cook, but somewhere between that and a regular cut. It's a great texture, really, and allows the taster to get more of that lush potato flavor from the chip. And as I've mentioned before, Walkers use some of the most flavorful potatoes around. They always use British potatoes, and it makes a huge difference.
Opening the bag, it smells fantastic, it has a sweet hearty almost meaty smell. The seasoning is typical Walkers, it's a bit similar to prawn cocktail, or ketchup, in that this BBQ flavor has a sweet and tangy brightness to it. But it is still very much a BBQ flavor. I think after trying this, they made the right choice not to just label it BBQ like the millions of other BBQ bags out there, because this isn't that flavor. It is definitely the kind of sweet, sticky BBQ you could imagine yourself licking off of your fingers after eating ribs.
This bag is a complete home run to me, and I'm highly recommending you hunt this baby down. The bag was pretty big, and I practically inhaled it in a day. Good job yet again Walkers!

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Gotta Get At This: Lay's Belgium Sizzling Fajita and Sweet Reggae Salsa

Lay's Belgium is launching limited edition Summer flavors!
"Sweet Reggae Salsa" and "Sizzling Fajita" will be around for a limited time only to celebrate the Summer Sun.
The bags are the first I've seen outside of the US to use these cartoon images that Lay's USA has been using for their Summer promotions. It suits these well though, considering these are seasonal.
The flavors sound kind of wack though. "Sizzling Fajita" could literally be any meat or BBQ flavor, and I don't think "Sweet Reggae Salsa" is a real thing. What does that flavor entail? They just sound like flavors made up to sound fun and Summery.
But I could be wrong, and they could be totally new and unique flavors.
If you are visiting Belgium this month, you'll have a TON of flavors to try. But, maybe this will be on your list. I'm not tripping over them, but at least they are trying to have fun with their chips.

Will you be trying these? We'd love to hear what they taste like. Let us know in the comments section below!

Monday, June 15, 2015

Gotta Get At This: Smith's Australia Meat Pie & Sauce and Tomato Sauce

 This Summer Smith's in Australia has launched two limited edition flavors "Meat Pie & Sauce" and "Tomato Sauce" aka Ketchup. The 2 flavors are launched in support of the AFL, the Australian Football League. I don't know what that is, but by all accounts it's not American Football, it's not Rugby, and it's not Soccer. Sooo, it's it's own thing. The bags are cute cuz they look like Jerseys. The flavors sound great, "Meat Pie & Sauce" isn't hard to get right, and who doesn't love Ketchup? Both come on Crinkle Cut chips.
They both look yummy.
So, are you gonna be in Australia this Summer? Sounds like the Aussie hunt is on!

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Gotta Get At This: More Deep Ridged Chips! Lay's Romania & Hungary MAXX Deep Ridged & Lay's Denmark Deep Ridged

Here are some more newly launched Deep Ridged Lay's from around the world.
Romania recently launched the MAXX line including flavors "Paprika", "Salt", and "Cheddar & Onion". Hungary launched the MAXX line this past February with the flavors "Salsa", "Cheese & Onion", "Kebab", "Bacon", and "Ketchup". And lastly, Denmark has expanded their Deep Ridged collection that began last year with "American BBQ" and "Naturel" to include "Sour Cream & Onion".
I'm not gonna lie, Hungary's collection looks DELICIOUS! Kebab, Salsa, Bacon, and Ketchup.... YUMMM to all of those x1000000. I believe the "Bacon" and "Ketchup" flavors are marked as Limited Edition, so if those sound like must haves to you, I'd suggest you hunt them down quickly.
Have any of you guys tried the Deep Ridged chips in these Countries? How do they stack up to the originals? Tell us in the comments section below.