Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Contest: Lay's USA Do Us A Flavor 2017 Finalists

Well, it was a nice run America.
We tried to do some cool shit here. But then somehow we got a Cheeto for a President, and we got these 3 bags of dumpster garbage as our "Do Us A Flavor" Finalists.
I read about this in the book of Revelations, and I thought it was all a Metaphor. I was wrong. So wrong.

Look, Ima keep it 100 with yall. I'm not going to buy these for review. They all sound stupid and gross. If someone shares one with me, and I don't die of potato chip poisoning, I might discuss. But otherwise, I refuse to give Lay's USA my money here.

You can read my thoughts on these flavors in the last post I wrote about Lay's USA's Semi-finalists. I'm not going to reiterate how lackluster all of these sound. I will note that here in California, the only flavor I've heard anyone even debate tasting is the Crispy Taco flavor... which to me also seems like the only one of the 3 that might pack any sort of interesting flavor.

So, here are your finalists America. Enjoy the End of Days.

Monday, July 17, 2017

Lay's Spain Mix Jamon & Queso

Two Flavors in One!!
Here is a mix bag from Lay's Spain that combines "Jamon & Queso" aka "Spanish Ham & Cheese".
I think my bag was pretty Jamon heavy, but it was still pretty tasty. The Jamon chips taste a bit like Bacon & the Queso chips taste really lightly of cheese. Not Cheddar like in America, but generic cheese similar to swiss but not strong enough to say swiss. I don't know if this is typical of these bags, but I really thought almost all of mine were Ham chips. When I didn't get a Ham flavored one, the other chips seemed lightly flavored by comparison, so I can't really say this bag lived up to it's promises. BUT I really love the Jamon flavored chips from Spain, so that isn't really a complaint. I don't consider this a perfect bag but still edible and enjoyable.
Have you tried these mix bags from Spain before? Did anyone else have these imbalanced flavor problems? Let us know in the comments below!

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Lay's USA Kettle Cooked Indian Tikka Masala

These chips are hilarious to me guys. They really are.
Look, I don't eat a lot of Tikka Masala okay. I don't eat much Indian food at all. I really hate/despise Cumin, and Indian Food seems to be rife with it. So, my point is, I don't know how representative of Tikka Masala these are.
BUT. If you are looking for a spicy bag of Kettle Cooked Chicken Top Ramen flavored chips... LOOK NO FURTHER!

These are TOP RAMEN flavored chips. Dead on. Yes they are spicy and smell of the devil's favorite spice: Cumin. BUT the flavor is exactly Chicken Top Ramen. But Spicy.

The chip quality is fine. USA makes a solid Kettle Chip. The seasoning is bright and gives the chips and orange glow. The chips look fine.

The dopeness in this bag is the seasoning. It is a magical secret.

I used to eat Top Ramen Chicken seasoning loose in the palm of my hand. OR break apart solid Ramen bricks and season those and eat them dry... I do NOT know if that is bad for you, I just know that I did it. And this seems like a better way to get your fix.

SO, if you just dont smell into the bag, these are AMAZING! lol.

What do you think? Have you tried these yet? Am I crazy? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

Monday, July 10, 2017

Contest: Lay's USA Do Us A Flavor Semi-finalists 2017

HEY FAM! Here are the 10 Semi Finalists for 2017s Do Us A Flavor USA Contest.
I'm not going to go too in depth on these because only 3 of these flavors will actually get manufactured and get sold in stores. In fact, the point of releasing 10 semi finalists is STUPID. It's just going to piss people off when a flavor that sounds good to them doesnt end up being made. AND the 3 finalist are going to be announced in less than 10 days from the announcement of these 10 flavors... SO this news is stupid. Period.

So, here we are, I'll give yall some short thoughts along the way.

So, we have "Crispy Tacos" and Kettle Cooked "Smoked Gouda & Honey"...
Crispy Tacos are gross knock offs of real, authentic tacos.
I feel like these would taste like "El Paso" Taco seasoning thrown on chips.
I also didn't love the "Smoked Gouda & Chive" Limited Edition chips that came out 2 years ago. I couldn't identify the Smoked Gouda flavor... HOWEVER, my friends could.
Either way, I think a Cheese & Honey flavored chip actually sounds INCREDIBLE. So, I'd be excited for this bag.

Wavy "Fried Green Tomato" & Wavy "Avocado Toast"... These are 2 flavors that sound DOPE on a menu, then you think about them and it sounds BLEGH. In my mind, Fried Green Tomatoes are bland green tomatoes that have been fried. They need something else like a sauce to taste good. So this bag would be a snore.
"Avocado Toast" is delicious, but it's another plain taste. How does this get conveyed in a bag of chips? If it was guacamole toast, then I'd feel different, but... It just sounds in my mind like another snore.

These Two flavors sound INCREDIBLE. Wavy "Spinach Artichoke Dip" & "Bacon Wrapped Jalapeno Popper".
"Spinach Artichoke Dip" seems like something that would taste great on a chip, mostly because its something that goes well on a chip in real life. I can see the seasoning being creamy and acidic and really tasty.
"Bacon Wrapped Jalapeno Popper" is a sure fire win if they do it right. Lay's already makes great Bacon flavored chips, Jalapeno flavored chips, and cream cheese flavored chips. If they combine these 3 seasonings well I could see this becoming a permanent chip bag.

"Toasted Ravioli" & "Nashville Hot Chicken".
"Toasted Ravioli"? It could work, maybe. I think it would be like a tomato & cheese flavor combo... the chip will play the part of the pasta. Hmm. IDK.
"Nashville Hot Chicken"... sorry guys. I do not know what this tastes like in real life. Wikipedia says its a form of fried chicken that originates (obviously) from Nashville that is marinated in a water-based blend of seasoning; then floured, fried, and sauced using a paste that has been spiced with Cayenne pepper. (Oh, I'm allergic to Cayenne, I can't try these yall). Also, served often with Pickles.
It definitely can work in chip form. The previous "Fried Chicken & Waffles" pulled off Fried Chicken convincingly, AND bags like "Sriracha" have shown an uncanny ability to replicate types of Hot Sauce. Could be a big hit if they produce it.

The last 2 semi-finalists are "Sloppy Joe" and Kettle Cooked "Everything Bagel with Cream Cheese".
"Sloppy Joe flavoring actually could probably lend itself easily to chips. But, in the same way I felt "Crispy Tacos" could just be generic Taco seasoning. This bag could literally end up tasting like McCormick Sloppy Joe seasoning.
"Everything Bagel with Cream Cheese"? OKAY. SO. Cream Cheese. Just say that Lay's. "Cream Cheese" flavored Lay's. Sounds do-able, but weak for this contest. MEH.

So those are my quick thoughts on these... which ones do you think Lay's will choose? Which do you want to try? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Sunday, July 9, 2017

Lay's Spain Gourmet Corte Fino

Mmm. These are fantastic!
These "Corte Fino" or "Fine(ly) Cut" chips from Lay's Spain are simplicity at it's finest. The chips are lightly salted and cooked in Sunflower oil which gives them a really delicate flavor.
They are thin cut, however they have a lot of crunch...i'd guess they are small batch or kettle cooked.
Unlike the Olive Oil cooked chips Lay's Spain offers, which I found to be a bit bitter and unpleasant... these chips offer similar distinct oil taste but with salt and without the bitterness. That Sunflower oil makes such a difference in taste and really elevates this from a simple bag of salted crisps.
There isn't really much more to say about these. They are SO simple, but SO addictive.
If you pass through Spain and can get your hands on these, I highly recommend them!

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Walkers UK Market Deli Sweet Roasted Red Pepper with English Tomato Pita Chips


EW. I'm still coughing.
IDK what it is, but these got some funky dusty taste to them.
The pita chip is cooked well enough. Tastes like a well cooked pita chip... not too thick or too greasy (which I hate). But the seasoning is just funky. There was a LOT of hummus dipping going on with these.
I think it's the red pepper seasoning, it just has this dusty, lightly cheesy flavor. (Actually, that makes sense, Red Pepper is used in a lot of cheese substitutes to give them a more cheese like flavor). You get sweetness from the tomato. And spice coming through, again from the pepper. Ya, I guess my complaint with these is that slightly cheesy flavor, because it catches you off guard. The sweet tomato and spice would probably be really nice if not overpowered by that other note.  These just don't do it for me at all, I really didn't enjoy them. I put them out at a party, and they weren't really enjoyed by my guests either. So... MEH.

But what do you think? Have you had these before? Did you like them? What do you think of Lay's/Walkers making Pita Chips? Let us know in the comments below.

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Lay's USA Lime & Sea Salt

Look what we found in the wild guys! A Limited Time Flavor from Lay's USA! I found these "Lime & Sea Salt" Lay's when I was cruising Fremont Street in Las Vegas, NV. I had heard NOTHING about them, but that flavor looked DELICIOUS, especially in the 100 degree heat.
The potato is thin and has a nice light yellow color. The light cook on this chip really lent itself well to such a refreshing flavor. The flavor was VERY complex. There was a noticeable sweetness from the Lime but also a refreshing sour/ acidic taste. Sharing this bag with my friends, we all compared the bag to "Salt & Vinegar" but noticeably sweeter. The sour flavor is very clearly juicy Lime.  And the Salt is the perfect amount for this bag.
So it's this beautiful, even balance of Salt & Sour with a bit of refreshing sweet. I really LOVED this bag. It was really perfect for a day in the desert, lol.

I haven't heard a peep about these online, so I don't know how long they will be available. I would guess it's a Summer flavor. So, if this sounds like something you'd want to get a hold of, I would start looking now. If you can't find it in Supermarkets, I'd suggest checking liquor stores or gas stations. This is THEE Summer bag for fans of Lay's "Limon" or "Salt & Vinegar". Happy Hunting!

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Lay's USA Poppables White Cheddar

What are Poppables you ask? Well, obviously they are "Perfectly Poppable Crispy Potato Bites"!
I'll tell yall the secret. These... are... potato... CHEX!

Thats also the whole review:
These are potato chex. YUM.

In all seriousness, these taste nothing like chips. They taste like potato chex, but that is not an awful thing. They are fun to munch on. I pretty much inhaled them. The texture is fun and makes them a bit addictive. The flavor didn't do much for me though. It was kind of like Ruffles Cheddar and Sour Cream flavor. Which I personally don't like. It was VERY rich tasting.
I actually think these would be BOMB in Cheetos flavored Cheddar. That just reminded me of the OLD school 3D Doritos... the texture is SUPER similar. But, back to these, the flavor was too much for me. The texture was the highlight of this bag. So, I'm interested in trying the second flavor in this collection... "Sea Salt" (although I don't know that that flavor is well suited to this shape either). I'd love to see it in more flavors.  If you are a fan of the Ruffles "Cheddar & Sour Cream", this is probably a great bag for you. It's a good party bag for sure, but not for me.

What do you think? Have you had poppables? Do you miss Doritos 3D? OR the lil Mini 3D Doritos? (aawww). Discuss in the comments below :)

Monday, April 17, 2017

Lay's France Cheese & Onion

Here is a flavor from France that felt familiar; "Cheese & Onion".
Opening that bag gives off that lovely scent you expect of Cheese & Onion, but as I've said many times before, the visuals in French Lay's leave much to be desired. The chips are overly bright yellow, they are thin and transparent, which often leads to a bag full of broken chips, most of which are burnt. However, the flavor was very nice. They tasted like Ruffles Cheddar from the US, but much more subdued. I wouldn't say the onion flavor was significant though. I could only find it at the tail end when I really racked my palette looking for it. There was a bit more when you ate more of the chips. But, again, fairly tame. I good bag for that person who loves Cheesy chips. Nothing too spectacular though.

Friday, April 14, 2017

Lay's France Chips a Ancienne Sabor Moutarde A l'Ancienne

Tried this exciting little bag from the "Ancienne" line in France. That means "Ancient" which I think is weird, but, we going with it. So, this flavor is "Ancient Mustard". The bag smelled of "Salt and Vinegar" Chips. As with all of France's chips, the texture is thin and bubbly, very transparent, with burnt edges, and brightly yellow colored. Not my favorite texture to be honest. The flavor on these was not very strong of potato (again, pretty common for France). They start of sour, then you get the Mustard flavor, but suddenly it's TOO much Mustard and begins to burn your palette. The flavor, is something I would describe as "pungent". It left me with a burning sensation on my tongue and a very unpleasant aftertaste. I don't know who I would recommend this bag to. Probably no one. Leave that Ancient funkyass Mustard in the past where it belongs. Aint no one want it here!