Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Lay's USA Do Us A Flavor Contest 2015: Tastes of America

It's back-back y'all! Lay's has relaunched their hit contest "Do Us A Flavor" this year with the subtitle "Tastes of America". They want contestants to submit flavors that are reminiscent of their own hometowns. Contestants can head on over to www.DoUsAFlavor.com to submit their entries before March 30th 2015. Starting August 10th, 4 finalist flavors will be available to buy and try on store shelves, and final voting closes in October.
2 years ago we got the predictable but delicious "Cheesy Garlic Bread" out of this contest, and last year's contest recently crowned the surprise hit "Wasabi Ginger"... so the game could play out any which way. We'll have to see!
Sooo, what are you gonna submit this year? Any home town flavors that are inspiring you? Is there a regional flavor you miss from your youth you want to see captured in chip form? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below. And Good Luck!

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Lay's USA Wavy Dark Chocolate Covered Potato Chips

HEADS UP! These are available right now in the Holiday Clearance section of Target. Hoard up!

This year, Lay's introduced the Dark Chocolate variant of their existing Holiday treat of Milk Chocolate covered Chips. 
I used to be a huge Dark Chocolate fan, but more recently, I've been choosing Milk Chocolate over Dark... so, I'm pre-warning you guys that this review may possibly be biased. I will nitpick after this notice: If you are a Dark Chocolate fan, just go buy these now, you don't need to read what I'm saying.

As with my review of the Wavy Milk Chocolate covered chips, you can see the lovely perfectly golden chips peeking out from the underside of the chocolate coating. The chips are beautifully even and crunchy with just the right thickness to carry the chocolate. The Chocolate is smooth and shiny (although some of these I ate had that white dusty old chocolate look, but that didn't effect taste). The Chocolate, in my opinion, is too thick. The ratio of Chocolate to Chip is about 2:1, so you are basically eating Dark Chocolate with a bit of Chip. Where the Milk Chocolate succeeds is that the Sweet Chocolate contrasts nicely against the Salty Chips... sadly, that can't be said for this bag. Instead, the Dark Chocolate is bitter and only semi-sweet paired with the Potato Chip. This just doesn't stir up the same interesting contrast for me. Maybe if you are not a fan of Sweet, or you like flavors that are tepid and subtle, you would appreciate this bag more than I did. But, for me, the small bag and $3.99 price tag are too much for a bag that I didn't necessarily love. It was fun to try, but not my favorite.
So... Did you love this? Do you disagree? Let us know in the comments below. Happy Hunting!

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Lay's USA Wavy Milk Chocolate Covered Potato Chips

HEADS UP! These can now be found in the Holiday Clearance section at Target. Hoard up!

So I finally got to taste the Holiday Lay's Spectacular known as Milk Chocolate covered Lay's. Wowser. These are delicious. The smell from the bag is wonderful. DECADENT Chocolate... mmm. The chips themselves are thick and sturdy Wavy cuts. Usually the Chocolate only covers one side of the chips, so you can see a lovely perfectly cooked yellow underside. The bottom showcases Lay's USA's concerted effort to improve their chip quality which is not going unnoticed. In contrast to the crunchy, perfectly salted chip, is the sweet, luxurious Chocolate coating. For me, as a non-junk food eater in my everyday life outside of this blog, the Chocolate felt VERY heavy handed. The ratio of Chocolate to Chips was about 2:1. It's a doubley thick layer of Milk Chocolate on top. Even with that thick layer of Milk Chocolate, this all comes together wonderfully. The saltiness of the chips contrasted by the sweet of the Chocolate is a such a great combination, and I really have to credit that to the quality of both elements. The Chocolate is smooth, creamy, and sweet... much better quality that most candy bars. The bag may be a bit small, and $3.99 is kind of overpriced for the small bag, and I think the Chocolate could be a bit thinner on top... but I can't really complain about any of that, because the chips are just so GOOD!
So, have you tried these? Did you love them like I did? Let us know in the comments below.

Monday, January 12, 2015

Gotta Get At This: Lay's Portugal Gourmet Colors and Artesanas Snacks de Milho

2 new bags from Portugal...
Lay's Gourmet colors, using naturally colored potatoes. The Gourmet line already contains one bag of just simple gorgeous salted chips. These are Awesome, I have not seen a cool bag like this from Lay's before. It probably looks fantastic poured in a bowl at a party!
Lay's Artesanas Snacks de Milho (Corn Chips). The Artesanas line exists in a few different countries, but I don't think I've seen it include Corn Chips before. This bag is flavored with Salt, Pepper, and a touch of Garlic. Sounds YUM.

So here are some new Portuguese bags for you to hunt down in your foodie adventures. Let us know in the comments if you get the pleasure of tasting these beauties. Enjoy!

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Lay's Canada Kettle Cooked Tzatziki

Nope. Nope. Nope. This is not "Tzatziki". I don't know what this is, but "Tzatziki" it is not. "Tzatziki" is a refreshing yogurt dip made with Cucumber, Mint, and a bit of Garlic Salt. The flavor is meant to be light and refreshing. This bag should basically be re-labeled "SALT X 10000000". It was so salty that it was nearly inedible. It reeked of Garlic, and the flavor of Garlic competed with the Salt, giving the chip an overwhelmingly bad, off-putting, queasy, Garlic Salt flavor. There was a hint of Cucumber that came through on maybe one of every 9 chips. There was also a cheesy hint that I assume was meant to represent Yogurt but instead it sickened the Garlic Salt combo. The only bright star on this chip was the texture and cook of the Kettle Cooked Potato. As a person of middle eastern decent who eats "Tzatziki" at least a couple of times a week, this bag is an insult. It's like whoever made it didn't understand the basic flavors of the "Tzatziki" inspiration. Again, like the "Jalapeño Mac N Cheese", this bag tasted like it was part of a test batch in a lab, not ready for consumer palettes. Steer Clear of this one guys (even though it has already lost Canada's Do Us A Flavour contest... it's not worth the hunt).

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Lay's Canada Wavy Jalapeño Mac N' Cheese

Here's my first review of the bags that came out of Canada's most recent "Do Us A Flavour" contest. I'm starting off with "WAVY Jalapeño Mac N' Cheese" as this is the bag that has already been announced the winner and is still available across Canada. This bag was SO weird to me. When you pop it open the smell that hit you is DEFINITELY Bacon Mac N' Cheese... I was so confused. It smelled Bacon-y, Meaty, Cheesy, and Vinegary. I passed the bag around and asked; and everyone who tasted this with me agreed there was a mysteriously unexplainable meat smell. Beyond the smell, diving into the bag you see orange-y yellow Wavy chips that are cooked well. The flavor is Cheesy with a hint of spice. You get some subtle Jalapeño , but it reads more like a black pepper flavor that washes over the whole of your tongue. There is some sort of acidic brightness coming through, but I couldn't tell what it was. It didn't seem like Jalapeño. The overall flavor was muddied. Yes it had cheese and acid, but I wouldn't call this bag an accurate representation of Jalapeño x Mac & Cheese. The bag seemed like it was still in the testing phase or something, with it's meaty smell, and it's odd spicing and acidity. If you want to try it and see if you agree, the bag should be available for the next year on Canadian shelves. I was able to buy these online, so I'm sure you can find them with a little hunting. When you do, let us know your impressions in the comments section.

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Gotta Get At This: Lay's Guatemala Pollo Campero

Guatemala is doing it all right.  Their newest bag is a flavor based on a Guatemalan fast-food chain called "Pollo Campero", if that name rings any bells that's because there are 50 "Pollo Campero" restaurants here in the US. "Pollo Campero" is like "KFC" and "El Pollo Loco" had a baby. They are famous for their Fried Chicken and offer it up alongside typical South American side dishes like Empanadas and Plantains. Lay's has bagged up that locally loved recipe and is now offering it up to the lovely people of Guatemala. I love crossovers like these! They make eating chips so fun!
SO, have you tried "Pollo Campero"? Have you tried these? How do they compare? We'd love to know!

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Gotta Get At This: Lay's Chile Sensaciones Collection Salmón Ahumado con Queso Crema, Queso Parmesano, Costillar con Finas Hierbas, and Original

 Lay's Chile is launching a beautifully packaged new collection called the "Sensaciones" collection. It's similar to the Sensations flavors found Globally in that the line is composed of complex and intriguing flavors. However, Chile makes the collection their own by making it a Kettle Cooked collection. This is the only Kettle Cooked Sensations line that I am aware of. The bold collection consists of a "Queso Parmesano/ Parmesan Cheese" flavor, "Salmón Ahumado con Queso Crema/Smoked Salmon with Cream Cheese" flavor, "Costillar con Finas Hierbas/ Rack of Ribs with Fine Herbs", and "Original". All of these flavors, even the overly fancied up Original, sound exquisite. I'm very happy to see a Parmesan bag and the Rack of Ribs sounds epic. All in all, I'd say this collection is hunt worthy! What are you feeling? Sound off in the comments below.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Gotta Get At This: Lay's Belgium Winter Edition Naturel Oven Stars, Oven Crispy Thins Emmental Cheese and Olive Oil & Herbs, and Collection Tapas Olive and Pesto

Lay's Belgium has a lot of new releases hitting shelves recently, all of which look DELISH! Here's what's new...
Winter Edition Naturel Oven Stars is a FANTASTIC idea! In celebration of the Winter Holidays, they've released a Natural flavored (This is the same as Original or Ready Salted flavor) Star shaped chip. These are the same as Belgium's current "Naturel Oven" ridged, baked chips; but shaped like festive stars. Here in the states you can buy the regular shaped equivalent under the "Ruffles Original Oven Baked" moniker. The shape adds a little Holiday kitch to it, and that's something I'm a big fan of... but as far as being a bag worth chasing across nations, it may not be worth the hunt for just a shape change.
Belgium has also added a completely new collection to their repertoire... the "Collection Tapas". This is a collection France debuted back in 2013 composed of an "Olive" flavor and a "Pesto" flavor. The Olive flavor had some very favorable reviews online and both of them make perfect sense as potato chip flavors. If the collection is spreading, it would be great to see them hit the states, I can see them being a hit here.
Lastly, Belgium is extending their Oven crackers collection, it started with biscuits and now has reached out to include "Crispy Thins". These are just airy, thin, potato-based crackers flavored as "Emmental Cheese" and "Olive Oil & Herbs". Emmental is just a fancy way of saying Swiss Cheese which is a subtle cheese that probably compliments the cracker well. And Olive Oil and Herbs is pretty straight forward too. They sound yummy, and I assume the collection is selling well because it is expanding. What do you think? Is this beyond the scope of what you expect from Lay's? Or do they sound yummy? Let us know your opinions in the comments section below!

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Contest: Lay's Netherlands Raad de Smaak Mystery Bags revealed!

Lay's Netherlands has revealed what the 3 mystery flavors were in their "Guess the flavor" competition. 
 The yellow bag was hinted as being a "Pittage" ("Spicy") flavor and it has been revealed
to be "Kaassoufle met chilisaus". 'Kaassoufle' is a popular Dutch street-food pastry filled with melted cheese inside a thin dough wrapper that is then breaded and deep-fried. 'Met Chilisaus' or 'with Chili Sauce' is pretty straight forward. So the yellow bag probably has the 'Chili and Cheese' or 'Spicy Queso' vibe.

The green bag was hinted as being a "Hartige"("Savory") flavor and has been revealed as "Hollands Stoofpotje". 'Stoofpatje' just means 'Stew', so this flavor is basically a "Dutch Stew"... I'm not really sure what that would consist of aside from Dutch Beef and root veggies. But, Stew is delicious, so this probably tastes beefy and comforting.

The final pink bag was hinted to be the "Zoet"("Sweet") flavor and has the most potential to be something we've never seen before. The flavor has been revealed to be "Dubbelvla choco vanille"... 'Vla' is a dutch custard like pudding (it's kinda like English Custard, it's kinda like American Pudding). Vla comes in many flavors, Vanilla, Chocolate, Orange, Holiday flavor, etc. They are sold in what look like milk cartons, and just poured into bowls and eaten alone or with whipped cream on top. 'Dubbelvla' is a flavor but it also means 'Double vla' and in this case it is "Double vla Chocolate & Vanilla". Much like here in America we have swirled Chocolate & Vanilla softserve ice cream, the Dutch enjoy the flavor combo in their pudding. And Lay's have paired that flavor with potato chips. Soooo, basically, this flavor is Chocolate & Vanilla chips. Ya. Sounds boring, but who knows, it could actually taste awesome. 

I'd love to try them but I just don't see the opportunity arising. So, I've got to live vicariously through others. If you've gotten the chance to try these, let us know in the comments! 
Anything here sound delicious or crazy to you? We'd love to know. Share your thoughts in the comments. Happy Hunting!