Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Lay's USA Wavy Dark Chocolate Covered Potato Chips

HEADS UP! These are available right now in the Holiday Clearance section of Target. Hoard up!

This year, Lay's introduced the Dark Chocolate variant of their existing Holiday treat of Milk Chocolate covered Chips. 
I used to be a huge Dark Chocolate fan, but more recently, I've been choosing Milk Chocolate over Dark... so, I'm pre-warning you guys that this review may possibly be biased. I will nitpick after this notice: If you are a Dark Chocolate fan, just go buy these now, you don't need to read what I'm saying.

As with my review of the Wavy Milk Chocolate covered chips, you can see the lovely perfectly golden chips peeking out from the underside of the chocolate coating. The chips are beautifully even and crunchy with just the right thickness to carry the chocolate. The Chocolate is smooth and shiny (although some of these I ate had that white dusty old chocolate look, but that didn't effect taste). The Chocolate, in my opinion, is too thick. The ratio of Chocolate to Chip is about 2:1, so you are basically eating Dark Chocolate with a bit of Chip. Where the Milk Chocolate succeeds is that the Sweet Chocolate contrasts nicely against the Salty Chips... sadly, that can't be said for this bag. Instead, the Dark Chocolate is bitter and only semi-sweet paired with the Potato Chip. This just doesn't stir up the same interesting contrast for me. Maybe if you are not a fan of Sweet, or you like flavors that are tepid and subtle, you would appreciate this bag more than I did. But, for me, the small bag and $3.99 price tag are too much for a bag that I didn't necessarily love. It was fun to try, but not my favorite.
So... Did you love this? Do you disagree? Let us know in the comments below. Happy Hunting!

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