Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Contest: Lay's Greece Μάντεψε τη γεύση 2015 Mystery Bags

The thrill of the secret bags is coming to Greece! Greece has launched their Μάντεψε τη γεύση (Guess the Taste) Mystery Flavor contest. The rules are simple, Greek consumers can hit up their local shop that carries Lay's and pickup any of the 3 Mystery Bags; Purple, Blue, or Green. Then they are asked to guess the flavors and submit those guesses to www.LaysGuess.Gr And The bags might be giving up a couple of hints...
 The Purple Bag (#2) shows off Tomato's and Peppers and Onions, The Blue Bag (#1) shows off Chicken and a variety of spices, and the Green Bag (#3) shows off Cheese and Scallions. Could these be the ingredients in each bag?
Each bag represents a dish created by award-winning Chef Hector Botrini. If you guess a flavor correctly you'll win 10,000 Euros. (NOT BADDD)

So, what do you think these could be? Have you tried one? Share your thoughts in the Comments below.

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