Friday, July 1, 2016

Lay's USA Kettle Cooked GreekTown Gyro

Here's a discontinued flavor from last year's "Do Us a Flavor" competition in the US. "Greektown Gyro" on a Kettle Cooked Chip.
yo. These are addictive and nasty all at the same time.
SO, you've got the Kettle Cooked chip, which to me has slowly been declining in quality over at Lay's USA (it used to be my favorite, but as the regular cut chip has improved, this one seems to be getting less attention.)
The chip has a weird texture, not quite Kettle, not quite regular. It tasted more like the Thick Cut line of chips.
The seasoning is what saves it, but only for a moment. This seasoning comes with everything you could want from a gyro flavor, it's robust and meaty, but with a hint of refreshing yogurt and cucumber. My only complaint about the seasoning is... why the fruck is it SO SALTY!!?? The level of salt on these was downright disgusting. It negates how good the complex seasoning is. That, paired with a poorly cooked potato, lead this to be a fail for me. I'm not surprised to see it not win. Which is sad, cuz I think they were close to something fun and tasty. Oh well.

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