Saturday, October 29, 2016

Lay's USA Korean Barbecue

HEY GUYS! Here's another late review! You can't get these anymore BUT REALLY, I'm doing you a flavor by procrastinating, because these were mediocre at best.

To begin with "Korean Barbecue" tastes like HELLA Molasses Barbecue. It also could have been labeled Chicken Satay and we all woulda been fooled. It's tasty for sure, but I wouldn't call it Korean Barbecue. It was just kind of a basic, overly sweet BBQ. The molasses stood out pretty strong, and looking at the ingredients list, molasses was pretty high up on the list.

The chip quality was basic af too. The chips were riddled with grease bubbles, burnt edges, and a transparent, flaky texture. The potato flavor was decent, but suffered due to the chip texture.

SO, what did you miss out on? Not much. Of all the flavors in the Flavor Swap promotion, I think the major standout was the Habanero flavor. The rest; Smoked Gouda, Olive Oil & Herb, and this one, were just uninteresting.

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