Monday, July 17, 2017

Lay's Spain Mix Jamon & Queso

Two Flavors in One!!
Here is a mix bag from Lay's Spain that combines "Jamon & Queso" aka "Spanish Ham & Cheese".
I think my bag was pretty Jamon heavy, but it was still pretty tasty. The Jamon chips taste a bit like Bacon & the Queso chips taste really lightly of cheese. Not Cheddar like in America, but generic cheese similar to swiss but not strong enough to say swiss. I don't know if this is typical of these bags, but I really thought almost all of mine were Ham chips. When I didn't get a Ham flavored one, the other chips seemed lightly flavored by comparison, so I can't really say this bag lived up to it's promises. BUT I really love the Jamon flavored chips from Spain, so that isn't really a complaint. I don't consider this a perfect bag but still edible and enjoyable.
Have you tried these mix bags from Spain before? Did anyone else have these imbalanced flavor problems? Let us know in the comments below!


  1. Just found this blog.. looks pretty cool!! you've gained yourself a new follower.

    When I go to Spain in future I will keep these comments in mind. I wonder if lays are even slightly different to walkers in the UK.

    I review chips, as in french fries, on my blog. A slightly less fried and thicker potato alternative just as yummy :D

    1. Awesome! Thanks for the Follow!
      They are definitely different, you are so lucky/spoiled with Walkers, they are some of the best chips (if not the best) in the world. You'll see when you get to Spain. But, the flavors could possibly be where you find something that you like more than what you have at home. Let me know what you try over there :)
      I LOVE French Fries, I'm gonna give your blog a read, what a fun idea!