Monday, February 13, 2012

Lay's Arabia French Cheese

This bag is so weird I put off writing about it for a little while. It's a bag of French Cheese Lay's from Lay's Arabia. The chips are like US domestic lays, they have a flaky, thin, texture to them. Lots of air bubbles from the fry, and you can see a bit of oil on the surface. They had a hint of potato flavor to them, not as much as I would like. The seasoning itself is what tripped me out. The first few chips were AWESOME. It was a fun unique taste with nostalgia for me, as I had grown up eating this cheese. HOWEVER, I started to notice a lack of salt and the sourish after taste the cheese was leaving on my palate. Halfway through I had to quit. I still have the other half and would love to try and finish it to give this review more resolution... because frankly I don't know how I feel about this bag. I KNOW that I had the thought "these are my new favorite" when I started... but by the end was like "no I cant have another one, uh uh". I think this is definitely made for fans of cheeses like Jarlsberg and the like. It has what I would call a "potent" finish to it. So if you like funky cheese taste it may be something you really enjoy. This bag can be purchased across the emirates and I think the flavor also exists in other middle eastern countries (by other versions of Lays). Definitely a nice change of pace from the usual Cheddar.

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