Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Walkers UK Steak & Onion

Um, this is a bag of Walkers Steak & Onion. It tastes like steak... and onions.

I wish that that was a satisfactory blog entry, but I guess I could expand on the subject.

These taste like Walkers. The best potato chips ever made. The potato chips are packed with the essence of a potato pulled fresh from a British field. They are fried in an unassuming oil that brings out the decadent flavor and gives the potato a smooth texture and a delightful crunch.

They are dressed up to taste like steak, which is a done with a typical meat seasoning. Then, these chips take a unique turn and catch you with the taste of grilled onions. Its like eating steak, with grilled onions, and a baked potato for dinner. That's it! That's my description. These taste like: STEAK DINNER.

I bet people love the heartiness of these chips in cold weather, but in California they are a bit heavy on the palate.

If you like meaty chips, get up in this business. Especially if you are an onion fan.
PS. bring gum for afterwards, they will leave you with onion breath.

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