Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Gotta Get At This: Lay's Romania De Sezon Flavors 2013

Last year Lay's Romania released a delicious sounding Autumnal collection that consisted of "Ciuperci și Smăntănă/ Mushrooms and Cream" and "Friptură de Porc/ Roast Pork". This year the "de Sezon" or "Seasonal" line has returned for Fall. "Mushrooms and Cream" is back and is accompanied by "Iaurt Cu Usturoi" aka "Yogurt with Garlic". Both flavors sound delicious and definitely representative of Fall in Romania. I said it last year, and I'll say it again, I think the idea of seasonal flavors is very clever. I was surprised not to see the collection continue into other seasons, and even more surprised to see it come back again during the Fall. I definitely think there are great flavors that could represent Winter, Summer, and Spring and think this should go on year-round. But, regardless, at least yummy Fall flavors are back.

Heads up Hunters, if you are looking for these, I doubt they will be out very long, so start searching now. Because, again, it's a Seasonal collection.

So, did anyone try these last year? How does the new offering sound to you? Do you want to see Lay's try this promotion in your country? Let us know in the comments below.


  1. PLEASE BRING THEM TO THE UK!! We just bought some in an international shop over here and they are the most amazing crisps I've ever had!!!! We need them in England!!!!

  2. I live in Romania and trust me, this flavor("Ciuperci și Smăntănă/ Mushrooms and Cream") is the best one!! And because of this become a permanet one..not only in autum..