Sunday, January 12, 2014

Lay's Canada Creamy Garlic Caesar

Today we have Lay's Canada's "Creamy Garlic Caesar" from their 'Do Us A Flavour' Contest that just ended. And even though this beauty didn't win, it has won a place in my heart. This bag REALLY tastes like Caesar salad, it is insane!! The best comparison I can give to this is it tastes like the crouton that sat at the bottom of your salad and soaked up all the Caesar dressing and when you eat it it is attached to a fresh slice of Parmesan cheese. MMMM. These are mega salty like Parmesan cheese and have all the flavor of a perfect Caesar dressing. They are spot on. I love them. This bag really got robbed of the title. If you are a Caesar or Parmesan fan, I highly recommend you try and track these down before they disappear for good. Which may have already happened.
I would LOVE to see these in the US. They were great!

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