Saturday, January 11, 2014

Lay's Canada Maple Moose

Do not be fooled by this adorable bag and adorable Moose and delicious looking Maple syrup bottle!! BEWARE! It is a trick!

My friend Amber and I decided to pop this bad-boy open. I caught a whiff of some sort of BBQ smell. Strange, see, when I think of Maple, I think of Sweet yummy syrup. And when I think of Moose, I think of Chocolate. So, my brain overloaded when I smelled BBQ. Then, I said to Amber "Do you smell something burning?"... we both reached in the bag. My face probably looked like someone farted in my eyes... i'm not sure. But Amber did not look happy. The first flavor you get out of this bag is charcoal. Pure, bottom of the grill, 3 sessions old, charcoal. Then, an abundance of BBQ seasoning. Nothing unique, or new... just run of the mill BBQ seasoning. So, essentially, this bag tastes like Over-seasoned BBQ chips and burn. It's awful. The thought passed through my mind that possibly, this was a batch that accidentally got burnt chip bits mixed in to it... but honestly that's not the case, because I have 2 bags.
So, then Amber and I came to the conclusion that we know nothing about Canadian culture and we were in dire need of Googling what a Maple Moose actually is. This lead us to find that this bag is actually supposed to taste like (drumroll please...) 'Moose Steak'! (forehead slap!)

oooooh!!! Ok, so this is supposed to taste like Moose meat with a hint of Maple. That makes more sense. However, I did not get any Maple flavor, and the Charcoal taste is OVERWHELMING. This bag could truly be called Burnt meat and it would be more accurate.
Then to add insult to injury. This bag was the winner of Canada's Do Us A Flavour contest. Among our Googling we found tons of Anti-Maple Moose tweets... some even comparing the flavor to garbage! And I gotta say, I kind of agree. This bag is really disgusting.

I don't recommend it at all. But, if you want to give it a go, the flavor will be available for the next year across Canada.

Did you try Maple Moose? Are you happy with the contest results? Let us know below.

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