Thursday, March 27, 2014

Contest: Lay's Arabia & Chipsy Egypt Flavors Cup

I guess South America aren't the only ones throwing a Flavor Cup! The Middle East is getting in on the action. Lay's Arabia (which caters to the Emirates) and Chipsy (Egypt) are both running a flavor cup on their own. The image above shows 5 flavors, like the South American contests, I have only seen 2 flavors highlighted online. However, I did see a 3rd flavor posted on Twitter that a fan had posted and enjoyed. So, these contests are basically just confusing me to NO end.

This one stands out to me in comparison to the other contest in that the flavors are MUCH more exotic.
This image depicts the 5 flavors and it looks like: Japanese Sweet & Sour Sauce, South African Cheese, Mexican Chile Con Carne, Brazillian BBQ, and Spanish Black Olives.

 The First of 2 flavors that have been highlighted so far are "Mexican Chili Con Carne"... which A) Sounds Delicious and B) Why has this never come out here?? I love the packaging, its got the flag with the little cactus' and maracas and Mexican icons. Then the flavor is featured prominently in the middle, it just makes me want chips and dip reallllll bad!
The 2nd flavor featured is South African Cheese. I have no idea what that tastes like, but I think it is a brilliant idea for a Chip flavor. Again the little doodle icons look great against the South African flag color scheme. Look at the adorable giraffe and the whale. I love it.

All in all, I find this contest a bit more interesting. I have tried Lay's Arabia's chips before and was not impressed with the quality of the potato. It doesn't come close to the amazing quality of the chips from South America, but I feel that these flavors are more exciting and pay more tribute to a nation (as opposed to making an Italian flavor Pizza, if you get what I'm saying). Should be fun to watch.

Voting is not yet open on these, but I will update you guys as soon as something of interest occurs.

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