Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Contest: Lay's Perú Copa De Los Sabores

Tired of the same old Contest? Ya, we kind of are too. That's why I got very excited to see that Peru is changing the game and introducing the "Copa De Los Sabores" ["Flavor Cup"]. This contest pits nation against nation for votes. Italy's "Pizza" vs Argentina's "Strip Steak". Peruvians can vote online for their favorite after giving them a taste off the shelves. Both flavors are classic contest flavors, and are always a fun change of pace to the traditional shelf flavors. But the standout here is the cute packaging and fun contest. I love that the bag is reflective of the nation's flag, and the food looks yummy and makes you want to pop the bag open.
So who are you voting for? Which flavor catches your eye? Let us know down below!

UPDATE: Looks like my Favorite chips "Margarita" from Colombia are also launching this contest this week... flavor announcement should be today... eeeee!

UPDATE 2: Round 1 Winner was Italian "Pizza". The contest consists of 3 Rounds; Italia v Argentina was Round 1, Round 2 will be 2 new flavors, and Round 3 will be the winners of R1 & R2.

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