Saturday, June 7, 2014

Gotta Get At This: Lay's USA Kettle Cooked Lattice Cut Aged Cheddar & Black Pepper and Roasted Garlic & Sea Salt

Hey guys, gotta share before I miss the boat on these. This past March, Lay's launched Lattice Cut. Um, could these look any more delicious??? Dang. "Roasted Garlic & Sea Salt"?? Wow. Just sounds so good. I've kept my eyes peeled for these in the wild but the only one I have found so far is a personal size bag of the "Aged Cheddar & Black Pepper" (review coming soon) at a small gas station when I was 45 miles away from my house. Otherwise, these bad boys are playing hard to get in Southern California. I like seeing new things like this popping up. I can't think of anyone else doing a Lattice Cut on chips, so points to Lay's for these. Super cool, can't wait to try!!

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