Wednesday, May 28, 2014

OK Here's Some Late News: Sabritas Receta Cruijiente

With the wealth of Chip-info (or Chipfo, if you will) out in the Universe, sometimes I miss things. I could make excuses (like that I broke my computer last Christmas and it had all my bookmarks and quote "research" on it)... but I won't ;p
Instead, I have created a new Post heading; "OK Here's Some Late News"! "OK Here's Some Late News" will basically be all the chip lines that I haven't talked about because they've been around for a while and haven't added new chips, or in the case of today's article, the new chips came out around Christmas (coincidence??) and I just flat out missed it. I want to always be able to share the most up to date, recent news... but if something gets past me, I still want you guys to know about it, even if it is late. So, hopefully, "OK Here's Some Late News" won't be too common of an article here at The Chip Report, but it's something I think we will need from time to time.

So now that you two have met....
let's get to the show.

I was checking out Sabritas' website today and stumbled upon these "Nuevo" treasures... "Receta Crujiente". They are allegedly NEW according to the site, but these have been flashed on instagram and twitter since at least the beginning of the year. The "Crunchy Recipe" chips are listed to come in 3 flavors,  "Chille Rojo" ("Red Chili"), "Original", and "Jalapeno". But, I have also discovered 2 bags that are not listed on the website that appear to be later additions to the line. 

Check out A and C... That's "Chille Habanero" and "Chille con Queso" ("Habanero Pepper" and "Chili's with Cheese"). So, it looks to me like while the line isn't New-new, it's still relatively new and is doing well, because they've already expanded. Cool.

So what is "Receta Crujiente"? Well, it's billed as "Mas Gruesas y Mas Crujiente" which just means thicker and crunchier. And while the packaging may evoke the "Kettle Cooked" line here in the US... it is actually still not as crunchy as the Kettle line. This line would fall somewhere between the standard Lay's and Kettle Cooked on a fictional crunch scale. If you've ever had "Extra Crunchy" these are basically the same style. And check out the packaging carefully, it is a dead ringer for the Margarita "Receta Classica" packaging; which happens to be the same thick cut, extra crunchy style chips.

Considering Sabritas are not only just across the border, but also available at Mexican markets here in the States (not to be confused with the non-Mexican Sabritas that are sold here for the US consumer)... these should be a breeze to find if you wanna give them a try. If you are a spice fiend this may be the line for you.

What do you think? Are you gonna make the drive South to track these down?

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