Thursday, April 23, 2015

Lay's Canada Bacon Poutine

Real talk. I should have posted this ages ago. I just forgot. So here is my review of Bacon Poutine flavored Lay's that you probably can't find anymore. Firstly, it is VERY forgettable. That is my excuse.
When you pop the bag open you get a hefty Bacon/Meaty smell, that is accompanied by several seasonings, so the smell is pretty strong.
The chips are fine. They are crispy and thin, & a little bit flaky. What makes this bag interesting at all is the seasoning. You can taste prominently the Bacon flavor, that is followed by a thick Cheddar/Cheese flavor. It adds richness to what would otherwise be just a meat flavored Chip. Throughout tasting both of those notes there is also a sweeter flavor. I racked my brain trying to figure out what it was, and the most similar thing I could think of was Ketchup. But, the flavor isn't Ketchup, it's meant to be Gravy. Now, I'm not Canadian, so I don't know what Poutine should taste like or what Gravy in Poutine in Canada should taste like. But, It wasn't a flavor I would have determined to be "Gravy". It felt like exactly what the sauce on the picture on the bag would probably taste like. A thinner, sweeter Gravy than I'm used to. That sweetness helps cut that rich cheese flavor, keeping this chip from feeling too heavy. Poutine can be a heavy dish, but this chip has a good balance of savoriness, sweetness, and richness. Somehow though, this made this bag just a bit too boring for me. So unless you are just obsessed with Bacon + Poutine, and you missed my posts announcing this bag's limited release, you aren't really missing anything to write home about. MEH.

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