Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Gotta Get At This: Margarita Colombia MAXX Pizza Pepperoni and Hamburguesa

Colombia has jumped on board the MAXX train! That's not why I'm excited though. I'm excited because they are bringing back Hamburger flavor!! AHHHHHH. There are 2 bags in this world I consider to be my favorites of all time; one is Jamon flavored Ruffles from Spain, and the other is Margarita's discontinued Hamburguesa flavor (my review is here). I remember it fondly hitting every note of Hamburger flavor from the meat to the ketchup, mustard, and then the bright pickles. Impeccable seasoning and texture.
Now Margarita is launching the popular MAXX collection (which is subtitled Super Onduladas meaning Super Ruffled). The MAXX collection has shown up in practically every major market for Lay's; in Thailand, Belgium, Russia, Australia, the Netherlands, the UK, Spain, and just this week in India. They've also been branded under the labels "Max", "Deep Ridged", and "Xtra Onduladas" (& probably more). We even have them here in the US, but you may not even know it, as they fall under the Ruffles Brand as "Ruffles Deep Ridged".
The MAXX style chip is a thicker cut chip with deep ridges and it usually makes a great base for heartier seasonings like meat flavors and spices. Both flavors Margarita is launching seem to be perfect for this cut of chip. Pepperoni Pizza flavored chips tend to be on the spicy, greasy, meaty end of the spectrum, and Hamburger will offer up a Beefy flavor with all the trimmings. They both will also fill a space in the Colombian snack world that is pretty much unoccupied, as there are few snack companies making things with bold flavors (their Cheetos are plain, cheese-less flavor... to give you an idea of what I mean).
I say this in every post about Margarita, but they really make the best Chips in the world. Period. They know how to season. If anyone can make these bags killer and amazing, it's them. I can't wait to hunt these down. YUMM.

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