Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Ruffles Canada Sour Cream 'N Bacon

I got these on my trip to Canada to go watch the Women's World Cup.
On the shelf, the bag seemed a bit odd to me. The only time I've ever had sour cream and bacon together is on a baked potato, so the flavor didn't really connect for me until I realized baked potatoes could be sliced, and fried, and made into potato chips. Who would have thought?!
Look, this review is gonna be pretty short, ok?
This flavor combo is an obvious home run. The 3 flavors of Bacon, Sour Cream, and Potato are a match made in heaven; AND Bacon and Sour Cream are 2 flavors that have a proven track record on potato chips. It was unlikely they would have messed up the seasoning. The Ruffle cut adds a nice thickness that give the whole bite extra potato flavor.
Together you get salty bacon, creamy sour cream, and hearty potato. It's a great bite, and I'm surprised we don't have this flavor here in the States. Great bag! Go get it.

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