Friday, August 7, 2015

Lay's France Sel & Vinaigre

Going to France, I was really excited to pick up so many bags. The Lay's France website has so many beautiful sounding bags, like Cheeseburger and Parisian Sandwich. Sadly, this was LITERALLY the only bag I could find while I was there. Luckily though, it is a great bag of a favorite flavor that is pretty hard to eff up. "Sel & Vinaigre" is France's take on the Salt and Vinegar chip, and they even advertise it as the favorite flavor in the UK (how cute). I thought this bag was truly perfect. An awesome balance of potato, salt, and bright vinegar. A few years ago, I first tried France's version of Lay's and I found the potato chips to be thin and flaky, and all-together kind of weird tasting. But since then it really seems they have stepped up their chip game. I would say the chip texture is comparable to US chips, and the taste is much richer and more flavorful than both the US and what the French chips used to be like. This bag was really well balanced, and I definitely destroyed the whole thing in a few minutes.

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  1. You need to visit a motorway service station! Top places to spot crisps. And don't stop searching for the fabulous cheeseburger flavour. It really is worth the effort.