Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Lay's USA Chinese Szechuan Chicken

Here's another bag from Lay's USA's Passport to Flavor Collection; "Chinese Szechuan Chicken".
The quickie review is this bag smells like Chinese food, you get a strong whiff of Soy Sauce and can taste it too. The chips are good quality. The spice builds up. It's a pretty solid reproduction of Szechuan Chicken.

Now, for my opinion. This should have been a Szechuan BEEF flavor. The Chicken seasoning is too mild to compete with the spicy Szechuan flavor so it get's lost. You get Szechuan peppers, no Chicken. I am much more familiar with Szechuan Beef, and I think the heavier Beef seasoning would have gone better with the strong Chinese spice. Also with the Soy Sauce.

Is this a fun alternative to ordering take-out? Yes. Will it satisfy a 3am Chinese food craving? Yes. Is it the best Chinese flavored Chip ever? NAW. Is it the best of the 4 new flavors? Nope!

But, What did you guys think? Did you love it? Am I just straight up wrong? Comment below!

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