Thursday, September 1, 2016

Lay's USA Tapatio Limon

These are the bomb yall!! Another bag that scared me with red seasoning and this time a bottle of hot sauce on the outside! But, it is a gentle giant.
The Tapatio Limon flavored bag is LITERALLY the same seasoning as Mexico's Sabrita's "Adobadas" BUT with Lime! It's also pretty close in flavor to the "Chile Limon" flavor from Lay's USA. It was spicy, but not crazy spicy. The spice builds as you snack. I made my way through almost half the bag before I decided I needed to stop, so it's pretty addictive. The chips, as usual now with Lay's USA is a pretty good/ decent quality. The potato flavor definitely benefits from the comforting, tomato-y, flavor of the Tapatio, the kick from the spice, and the brightness of the Lime. All in all, it's an A+ chip. Great addition to the Lay's USA range.

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