Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Walkers UK Market Deli Sweet Roasted Red Pepper with English Tomato Pita Chips


EW. I'm still coughing.
IDK what it is, but these got some funky dusty taste to them.
The pita chip is cooked well enough. Tastes like a well cooked pita chip... not too thick or too greasy (which I hate). But the seasoning is just funky. There was a LOT of hummus dipping going on with these.
I think it's the red pepper seasoning, it just has this dusty, lightly cheesy flavor. (Actually, that makes sense, Red Pepper is used in a lot of cheese substitutes to give them a more cheese like flavor). You get sweetness from the tomato. And spice coming through, again from the pepper. Ya, I guess my complaint with these is that slightly cheesy flavor, because it catches you off guard. The sweet tomato and spice would probably be really nice if not overpowered by that other note.  These just don't do it for me at all, I really didn't enjoy them. I put them out at a party, and they weren't really enjoyed by my guests either. So... MEH.

But what do you think? Have you had these before? Did you like them? What do you think of Lay's/Walkers making Pita Chips? Let us know in the comments below.

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