Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Elma Chips Brazil Cheetos Assado Lua Parmesao

Cheetos are the best. They are just THEEEE best.

But, for some reason, people in other countries just DO NOT understand the magic of Cheetos. They be changing em and making em all weird.

So, in Brazil, the Cheetos line comes in different shapes but they are all puffs... there are no crunchy Cheetos. They shapes are "Lua" which look like traditional Puffs, "Bola" which look like Cheese Balls, "Fogo" which look like Paws, "Explosao" which look like Triangles, and "Onda" which are a squigly shape (and maybe more). The Assado subtitle translates to Roasted, but I'm guessing in Portuguese that also means to Bake because of the Latin root in the word... and this picture from their facebook...
In America, Puffs are Oven-Dried, not Fried... so that might also be what this means. How are Cheese Puffs made?? Whatever the answer, that is why this label says "Assado". I don't know what other subtitles they have, if it says "Pipoca" that is Cheetos Popcorn.

Ok, so moving on from that lil mini wiki. These are in a "Parmesan Cheese" flavor. The Cheddar flavor tragically doesn't exist there.
So, the review... the Puff was fine. It's a corn puff, you can't really mess it up. The seasoning is crazy. It tastes so much like Parmesan, which I love. But, it was TOO real. It tasted EXACTLY like those dried Parmesan crisps, but a puff! It has the distinctive after taste of Parmesan. It was just TOOOO real. I like Cheetos because I like Cheetos seasoning. It is the most perfect seasoning in the Universe, and I am consistently SHOCKED to not see it at all in other countries offerings. Brazil! You are missing out!!
But, if you want to try something KIND-OF like Cheetos while you are away, and you like the strong taste of Parm, try these, they are weird, but DELICIOUS!

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