Friday, April 13, 2012

Maui Style Potato Chips

So here's a bag of Maui Style Potato Chips. Normally I like to write about bags with the Yellow circle logo, but today we get an exception because I thought these fell into the same spectrum. These Maui Style are produced by Frito Lay USA; BUT they can only be bought in Hawaii (or at a handful of Asian or Hawaiian stores), thus I consider them somewhat of an import. My mom was really thoughtful and grabbed these for me on her latest trip to Hawaii.
These are cooked Maui style... which is a kettle cooked style. These are like the laidback cousin of Lay's Kettle Cooked chips. The slices are bigger and flatter, the chip is noticeably more oily, and the chip is somehow thick and transparent at the same time. Like the Kettle Cooked line, these are really crunchy and allow for more potato taste. When the chip touches your tongue you instantly taste a very rich oil... almost like butter. It's not gross and greasy... its rich and tasty... but it might freak you out at first sight. The chips are full blown transparent. See Thru. But the chip is thick, so its kind of bizarre. They dont have visible salt on them, but they are SUPER salty. This is very complimentary to the oil... and normally I would call it heavy handed seasoning... but somehow it works. It was almost as if the potatoes had been soaked in salt water for a long time before they were cooked, because the salt seemed to permeate the chip. If you like Kettle style and aren't afraid of the insane calories (450 for a bag... about the size you would get at Subway), then I def think these are worth a try on your next trip to the islands.


  1. I agree they are very tasty and it is a shame not very available on the mainland!

  2. I also agree they are very tasty and my favorite is the Salt & Vinegar ones. I just came back from Maui, but unfortunately didn't get a big enough bag of each flavor. They are gone and I am sad, time to go back to Maui LOL

    1. Hey, I think any excuse to go back to Maui is a good excuse lol