Monday, April 16, 2012

Lay's USA Classic BLT

Lay's Classic BLT... WHEN DID THIS COME OUT?? What a bonkers flavor to find Lay's release here in the states. There is so much going on in this bag I don't even know where to begin! First of all I have to give HUGE props to Lay's USA for releasing this very unconventional flavor. It's fun when you see a surprise like this on store shelves! Secondly, I have to say.... HOW DID YOU DO IT??
These chips will freak you out with how much they actually taste like a full Bacon, Lettuce, and Tomato sandwich. Not since tasting Pickles and Mustard on the Margarita Hamburguesa a la Brasa chips have I been sooo surprised that a chip was able to capture a flavor so genuinely. If you are used to Bacon flavored crisps, these are not exactly going to satisfy that craving... because the lettuce and tomato are such equal players in the flavoring. If this sandwich is something you crave but you just don't have the time or ingredients, this bag will for sure satisfy you.
As for the chip, you are still getting the quality of chips that Lay's USA is known for (which to me could be a LOT better), again, the lack of actual potato taste means the chip needs to be helped out with more seasoning... BUT in this case it works because you don't really want to taste too much potato flavor in this "sandwich", it comes across more as a blank starch (i.e. the bread).
Final thoughts... this flavor shows a TON of promise from Lay's and I hope they keep up the creativity and fresh ideas. If you like BLTs you HAVE to try these... and if you've never tried a BLT... try em, they are a fun bag of chips!


  1. Definitely piqued my interest with these- I'll be curious to taste how they do 'lettuce'! Lay's does some creative stuff with flavoring at times, but I totally agree with your critique of their potato slices- they really set the bar for the absolute average in accceptable chip quality.

  2. Did you try these yet? I'd love to hear your reactions.
    And, yes absolutely, "average" is the perfect descriptor...