Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Lay's USA Chile Limon

Hope you all ate a ton of chips this past Memorial Day! There is no better excuse for potato chip feasting then a sunny BBQ friendly holiday! My friends and I had a great poolside snack session that included another bag of Lay's I hadn't tried yet. This was my first adventure with Chile Limon. In the past I have made it pretty clear that I hate the plain Limon flavored Lay's (grossss) ... BUT these are the BOOOOMMMMBBB!
They are sooo YUMMY!
The word "Chile" had me scared, but these aren't really all that spicy. They have a decent bit of kick, but nothing extreme. When I see that red bag and red seasoning I immediately think of "Flamin Hot" (eeeep!) but the bag is FAR more intimidating than need be. These were like the American cousin of the Adobada flavored chips from Mexico had a spicy baby with a Lime. They have a complex Mexican style seasoning that reminds you almost of Red Enchilada sauce, that little bit of kick, and then a perfectly complimentary tang of Lime. MMM. These are fantastic with Carne Asada on the BBQ and a Corona or Pacifico! The quality of the chip is great and doesn't fight with the seasoning. The seasoning is evenly applied and offers a ton of flavor without being heavy handed. The Limon in particular just comes in at the end to give tang, it isn't overwhelming like the Limon bag. All in all, I would highly recommend these bags. This is the ideal bag for a Southern California, poolside, Cerveza, kind of day! Great bag!

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