Saturday, May 5, 2012

Sabritas Mexico Limon

Well, well, well. Here's another bag of Limon chips... my arch nemesis. If you haven't read my review of the puke-worthy Lay's Limon bags then feel free to track it down and read it to catch my reference.
I've put off eating this bag of Limon chips from Mexico just because of how unfortunate the other bag was. Luckily, I am now once again a believer that a Lime flavored chip can work; but these are by NO means perfect. If given a choice between the two I would pick these. To begin, I realized with this bag that Sabritas have a weird "mealier" taste/texture when compared to Lay's. The Adobada flavor chips I had tried from them had the same problem, but I didn't think much of it (I called it Baked Lays and Regular Lay's had a baby). I can clearly say now that I think the quality of chips produced by Sabritas is the poorest quality chip I have tasted among countries because of this weird texture. (Not to mention it's pretty low on Potato flavor.) However, if you can get passed that, it tastes close to US Lays and is a hair less greasy. Now, the seasoning seems to me VERY similar, if not the same, as the US Limon seasoning. But, in my opinion, there is WAY less of it on the chips. Now, for all my nitpicking, I ate half of the bag and I kind of enjoyed it. I would say the chip is lacking, but if you like Lime; the seasoning is spot on! And for that reason I consider them to be the more preferable chip. If Lay's could take their chip (Or better yet, Walkers) and applied this seasoning, in this manner, we could build the perfect Lime chip. (or just eat Lime Tortilla chips... mmmm).  If you must have a Lime flavored chip, try to get these, but I wouldn't consider these worthy of a trip across the border.

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