Thursday, October 25, 2012

Baked! Lay's Canada Ketchup

Saw that sister had brought me Ketchup chips from Canada and was like:    < : D wooohooo.

Saw that sister had brought me Baked Lay's from Canada and was like:    O_o  really?

Here's a bag of Baked Lay's from Canada. I could care less about Baked Lay's. They are a throw away to me.
They taste like sad Pringles.

However, last night at like 3am when I was starving, these started to look yummmm.
The chip is the same as every other Baked Lays chip. It has that texture like it was made out of potato paste and put on a cookie sheet.
The Ketchup flavor was amazing! Sweet, but not too sweet. Tangy. Complimented the potato flavor well. Simple yet intriguing. I liked it.

Its actually is a nice snack... but I just prefer the old school fried chips more. If you like Baked though, I think you'll enjoy these!

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