Friday, October 19, 2012

Gotta Get At This: Lay's Arabia Forno and Lay's Cyprus Στό Φούρνο

Here's a little update on some new international lines. Lay's Arabia is currently promoting their new Lay's Forno line, which is their baked chips. Looks like they are starting off with 2 flavors, Authentic Cheese and Black Pepper. These started showing up online last month but they just started their big push on Facebook recently and are finally sharing commercials for it... if you like Baked Lay's check it out.

Also showing off their Baked line right now is Lay's Cyprus. Their Στό Φούρνο or "In The Oven" line consists of Barbecue, Mediterranean Herbs, Salted, and Oregano (Ive also seen Paprika but its not listed on their FB). I know the Salted and Med Herbs are older in the line, so my guess is they are expanding the collection right now. If you like Baked chips, Oregano sounds delish!

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