Monday, October 22, 2012

Lay's Canada Kettle Cooked Dill Pickle

Thank you Canada!
Heres a bag of Dill Pickle Lay's Kettle Cooked Chips that sister-face brought me back from her trip to Toronto. She is a die hard Pickle lover so I wasn't surprised she picked these up. Me on the other hand... I have no position on the status of Pickles. So I figured I would pop this bag open and share with her one lazy day. The bag smelled nice and potato-y with a kick of pickle-y vinegar aroma. I dove into the bag, not sure of what to expect... No.1: Crunch. Excellent, thick cut, kettle cooked, crunchiness. What Lay's has managed to do with their Kettle Cooked line is so perfect. It is never rock hard, snap a tooth, crunch. It is just the marriage between thick flavorful chip and exciting texture. I really adore this line, both at home and now abroad. No.2: Potato-ness. The Kettle Cooked line always delivers a better potato product. The thick cut chip and the smaller batch cooking gives the chip a much more authentic potato flavor. This is what you are paying for; fried potato... not fried air soaked in seasoning. No.3: Pickle-Power. The pickle flavor is so nice on these chips! It is like you pulled the pickle slice out of the jar and put it on top of the chip. It is authentic, familiar, and delicious. Just realistic pickled flavored chips. I couldn't taste the dill separately, but I only eat Dill Pickles, so I think I just perceived the taste as the only pickle I'm familiar with. You can see the Dill on the chips though, which makes them look really yummy. I think I loved these because they are in the same family as the Vinegar chips (my favorite). These are acidic and you get the nice sour Pickle brine taste... matched with savory potato and salt. I think these are just an excellent bag of chips. If you like Pickles, Sour, Vinegar, etc. You will adore this bag. Enjoy!

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