Friday, July 26, 2013

Contest: Lay's Canada Do Us A Flavour Finalists 2013 announced!

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 The 4 Finalists have been announced in Canada's Do Us A Flavour contest... and our Northern neighbors have not disappointed! These are 4 of the most whack-a-doo flavors I've ever seen... and if I don't get my hands on them, I will cry! hahaha. The 4 epic finalists are; "Creamy Garlic Caesar", which will likely have a creamy taste similar to ranch or cheese flavored crisps, "Grilled Cheese & Ketchup", which sounds similar to the US "Cheesy Garlic Bread" that we recently had win our contest... albeit, with a tangy tomato zing (and Canada knows how to make a Ketchup chip, so I think this one is gonna be AMAZING!), "Maple Moose", which looks to be the "weird" flavor but I think it's gonna be the best by far... point #1, the best Maple syrup in the world comes from Canada, and it is delicious. Point #2, I loved the US "Chicken and Waffles" flavor because of the salty/sweet combo, and I can see that happening in this bag too. The final flavor selected is "Perogy Platter", now, I am not a Perogy aficionado, all I actually know is that they have potato in them...thus, I have to assume these will taste like whatever else goes into a Perogy and will taste pretty authentic.
The voting on these flavors begins online in 4 days on the 30th of July. And a winner will be selected for the grand prize and the bragging rights that will come along with it.

So, have any Canadians tried these yet? What's your favorite? Let us know in the comments below and hashtag which team you're on! Without even tasting these yet, I'm leaning on #TeamMapleMoose !
Happy Hunting!


  1. I was trying to find reviews of these chips and ran across this blog... I love your dedication to the art of the potato chip. I have half a mind to send them all to you as thanks for this crazy blog.

    1. Thanks Rita! That's awesome! I'm glad you enjoy! It;s totally a labor of love :)
      Are you in Canada? Shoot me an email (the link is in my profile on the right of the page), I'd love if we can set something up to get these chips to me :p. Thanks again for your kind words!!