Sunday, July 14, 2013

New Margarita Colombia Flavors

Margarita has just released 3 new flavors!!!! Im gonna die!!
Margarita, in my humble opinion makes the best tasting chips ever... and Jamon has been one of my favorite flavors for a long time... so basically, Im very happy right now.
Margarita selected these flavors themselves, and appears to be polling the market to see which ones should stick around. Interestingly, they chose to release these 3 in the packaging we've been seeing globally now associated with the "Create a Flavor" style contests. That leads me to believe either 1 or 2 of these flavors won't be around long. The last time Margarita had a "Create a Flavor" style contest, the other chips were gone as soon as the winner was announced. The 3 new flavors are "Hogao con Queso", "Queso Gratinado" and "Jamon Ahumado". Hogao is a Colombian sauce made of simmered tomatoes and onions, so "Hogao with Cheese" is probably a creamy tomato type of flavor. "Queso Gratinado" means "Cheese Gratin" but I'm thinking this is meant to taste more like Potatoes Gratin... simply meaning the Chip will play the role of Potato in the dish. These chips are "Onduladas" which is the Colombian name for "Ruffles", so the potato will definitely play a bigger role in the flavor combination. And the last bag is "Smoked Ham"... which is usually my absolute flavor ever made. Spain makes a delicious Ham flavored bag of Ruffles, and ever since I tried it, I have been hooked on Ham flavored chips. I expect this to be CRACKED OUT goodness.
Fortunately, my mom is there on vacation right now, so I am pleading with her to just empty a suitcase and fill it purely with chips lol. Fingers crossed I get to taste these little beauties. The 3 new flavors are available now.

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