Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Are you trying to find Lay's Regional Flavors? Good Luck!

I just recently got back from Washington DC, and while I was there I was on the hunt for some of the regional flavors to see what I might be able to bring home. I couldn't find any. I remembered Lay's website had a map that would tell you where to find which flavors, but now, suddenly it was no longer on the site. A quick google search turned up that these flavors were discontinued this past April and the last bags disappeared off shelves within the last few months. That wouldn't necessarily bother me, except for the fact that Lay's themselves never made any sort of announcement. The reports that these flavors just started vanishing from shelves was all coming from disgruntled fans. The most beloved of these flavors was "Tangy Carolina BBQ" which was available nationwide, and for which you can read my review: here. Fans all over the internet are still sending messages of disappointment. So I have to put my 2-cents in, if Lay's had just slapped a "For A Limited Time Only" sticker on these bags in the last 6 months of production, all would have been fine. I don't see how they would just discontinue an entire line without informing their customers, frankly, it's pretty fkd up. On the flip side, I bought the ones that were available to me in my region. Garden Tomato & Basil tasted like HOT TRASH (and sadly, it is the lone flavor being kept from this collection), and Tangy Carolina BBQ was one of the few remarkable flavors that USA Lay's has ever made. So, if I am only buying the 1 flavor, and not all the time because I have other favorites, I can see why they would want to get rid of it to make way for new stuff. All I'm saying is this is bad business for the company. It would have taken just a simple, tiny, photoshop icon on the bag, to appease customers and let them know they needed to stock up. Not cool Lay's, not cool.

So, here is a little "In Memoriam" of those we lost...
-Balsamic Sweet Onion
-Chipotle Ranch
-Tangy Carolina BBQ
-Honey Mustard
-Creamy Garden Ranch
-Cajun Herb & Spice
-Southwest Cheese & Chile
-Pepper Relish

And remember, if you like the awkward taste of hot bile in your mouth, Garden Tomato & Basil is still available on shelves. Enjoy that.

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  1. I like the tomatoe basil chips one of my favorite one. They should of put out a announcement saying they were discounting chips. Lays are bad business