Monday, May 26, 2014

Margarita Colombia Copa De Los Sabores España Jamón Serrano

Among the delicious Colombian snacks my wonderful Aunt Gladys brought to me in Miami, was this little gem. Packed in a Copa De Los Sabores Round 2 multipack with the Brazilian flavor, was the Spanish "Jamón Serrano". This "Serrano Ham" flavor is a "Onduladas" chip, or as we know them here in the states, "Ruffles".  I had high hopes for this bag, as "Ruffles" makes a "Jamón" flavored bag in Spain that is one of my all time favorite bags ever. Sadly, I can say right now, that this is a COMPLETELY different flavor. But that doesn't mean that it is bad, it's just not my dream chip, lol.
In fact, my cousin, her boyfriend, and I tried these together, and we actually found them to taste pretty good. And definitely better than the Brazilian "Asado Brasilero".

We tasted this bag second, and while "Asado Brasilero" was subtle and uninteresting, this bag opened up and was exciting and unique. The smell is obvious. HAM. There was no question what flavor was in this bag. The moment your tongue hits the chip you are transported to a little shop in Spain, a little shop filled with salted hanging cured hams. mmm. The crunch of the Ruffled chip adds some fun texture to the bite, but it also creates a thicker, more robust potato flavor, that pairs well with the salty ham seasoning. For the same reason Jamón works on a freshly baked piece of bread, this chip is successful. And, this isn't like some cheap Oscar Meyer ham, this is Jamón, the flavor is closer to Christmas Ham or even Canadian Bacon. I could even see a repackage of this chip in the US as either of those flavors, and no one would be the wiser.
Now, I must admit, that this bag comes on strong. And after snacking on the "Asado Brasilero" our palate's had been working overtime searching for any sort of flavor, so when we tasted this bag at first it felt like too much. But, by chip 4 or 5 it became more palatable. So, be warned, I don't recommend eating them back to back because the bags are POLAR opposites. If anything, I think this one will pair really well with some Coke, Diet Coke, or a nice cold beer. I highly recommend this bag, it is the epitome of what this blog is about. Fun, international flavors, that are unique and create a flavor experience. It is good fun, and if you can get a hold of it, I suggest you try.

Happy hunting!

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