Sunday, May 25, 2014

Margarita Colombia Copa De Los Sabores Brasil Asado Brasilero

I had the good fortune of being in Miami last week and my awesome Aunt Gladys (shout out, lol!) was sweet enough to bring me some chips from Colombia. Today, we are checking out the Brazilian flavored "Asado Brasilero" aka "Brazilian Barbecue" aka "Churrasco" (depending on what you call it where you are from). This flavor came packed in a multipack with it's Round 2 competitor "Jamon Serrano". A supermarket multipack contained 6 bags of the Brazilian flavor and 6 bags of the Spanish flavor, and encouraged buyers to taste both flavors and vote for their favorite. As we are already on Round 3, It has already been announced that this flavor won Round 2. 

So, let's get to the review. I tasted this bag with my cousin Janette and her boyfriend, both of whom had never tried Colombian chips before. The 3 of us basically had the same feelings about this bag. That overall feeling being that it is pretty dull.
When you open the bag you get the weak smell of beef. You pull a chip out of the bag and, as with all Margarita chips, you see a beautiful lightly golden perfect chip. There are no burnt bits, no huge air bubbles, you aren't picking at small flakes of chip at the bottom of the bag. It is the Typical Margarita high quality chip. At first bite, I tasted almost nothing, the flavor was incredibly subtle. But about 20 to 30 seconds after the first chip, my mouth tasted like I had just eaten a steak. It was weird. Then the more chips I ate, the more the flavor built. And this accumulation of flavor was building at the back of my mouth after the chip had been eaten. But, even after finishing the bag, I never felt satisfied. I never felt like I got to taste anything special. The meat flavor that does come across is different from any other bag of BBQ flavor I have ever tried. These chips had little to no salt, so the chip had almost the taste of unseasoned meat. There was no garlic, no onion, no herbs, no barbecue sauce, no flame grilled, and probably no salt; none of the additions that take a flavor from one-note to being more complex and interesting. In all honestly, it tasted like someone boiled a steak and soaked the chips in beef water before frying them. The flavor was just so DULL and boring. Now, I do have to mention that because Margarita uses such high quality potatoes, the potato flavor comes through strongly. You get rich potato flavor across your entire palate, but unfortunately, the seasoning on them does not do them justice.
"Asado Brasilero" is meant to be skewered, slow-roasted, seasoned, beef that is elegantly brought to your table and sliced thinly and served. This bag does little to represent that wonderfully unique preparation. I wasn't a fan, and although the people I tried it with enjoyed the novelty, they did not think the flavor was anything special either. I wouldn't recommend this bag to anyone, but if you want a beef flavor and are not a fan of Barbecue bags, this may be for you.

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