Monday, July 14, 2014

Contest: Lay's Argentina Copa De Los Sabores

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Look who is late to the party. Argentina joined the Copa De Los Sabores game about a month ago... a good 1-2 months behind every other country... so, I might have missed talking about it right away. BUT it's definitely their fault lol.  This World Cup collection features 4 flavors that represent Argentina's take on Mexico, Themselves, China, and Spain. They are pretty straight forward and use the fun packaging we saw from Lay's Chile. The Mexico flavor is "Quesadilla"... mmmm. Argentina is representing themselves with "Asado" aka "Grilled Beef". China is getting the hilarious "Empanadita China" which is an "Eggroll" but described as a Chinese handheld pie, lol. Lastly, Spain is typecast with "Chorizo Iberico".
I don't know how long this collection will be available, but if you are in Argentina now, feel free to eat your feelings about losing the World Cup with these before they are gone for good.

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