Monday, July 21, 2014

Contest: Lay's India Football Favourites- Cheesy Jalepeno, Apple Chilli, and Tangy Herb

The Lay's Universe is getting a ton of use out of Lionel Messi, lol. Not only is he a spokesman for Lay's here in the US (you know you saw that adorable commercial with the old man sneaking a chip from Messi's bag during the World Cup, it was on like every 2 minutes), but the commercials have been reused in multiple countries (some poorly edit the bag to be red instead of the signature Yellow, and then they edit it to show a local celebrity with him, it's hilarious). Messi has also been all over Lay's Spain's bags and website for the last year or so. And Russia has this exact same picture of Messi on their "Mystery" flavored bags. Finally though, Messi's appearance actually ties into a collection of Soccer inspired flavors; justifying plastering arguably the greatest living soccer player on their bags. The 3 flavors are "Cheesy Jalepeno", "Apple Chilli", and "Tangy Herb". Chip fans can vote on their favorite of the 3 and are entered in for a chance to win a trip to see Messi 'play live'.
Pretty good use of his star power if you ask me.
However, in my opinion, NOT A ONE of these flavors actually sound good. I'm slightly intrigued by Apple Chilli... but really... how is that even a thing? I know India likes some 'loud' flavors, but these flavors are screaming. India does take a bit of this into account though... as they make all their chips in "Ruffles" form. "Ruffles" do stand up to much more flavor, so they're probably a'ight.

So, would you call these Soccer inspired flavors? Or does it look like a chance to hock some chips in the name of Messi? Would you go out of your way to try one of these? Have you tried em?
Let us know down below...

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