Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Margarita Colombia Hamburguesa A La Brasa

These might be one of my favorite bags of chips I've ever had. This is a bag of Margarita chips from Colombia. Flavor: Claudia's Grilled Hamburger or Hamburguesa a la Brasa de Claudia. These were 1 of 3 flavors to take part in a contest to pick a new permanent flavor for Margarita. 3 Chefs were chosen from online submissions to create 3 flavors. After several months on store shelves one would be chosen as the new flavor.
The potato itself is perfect texture; light, airy, and tastes like potato, as it should. The texture is comparable to Walkers. The seasoning is on point; it is just SOOO good. You get a savory meaty bbq'd hamburger taste, but that is beneath the tangy mustard, hint of ketchup, and kick of pickle. The chip itself kind of conveys the bread taste. It's an entire burger in a chip and will trip you out the first time you taste it.
Sadly, these did not win the hearts or votes of the Colombian public, so they are being discontinued. My cousin is grabbing me a couple dozen before they run out, so I highly recommend tracking these down before they are gone forever.

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