Thursday, May 21, 2015

Contest: Lay's Greece Μάντεψε τη γεύση 2015 Mystery Bags Revealed!

 It's that time! The time when we find out what deliciousy flavors other people got to eat! The 3 Mystery Bags released by Lay's Greece earlier this year have been revealed, and now we can see the bags were giving some little hints as to what was inside.
Bag 1 aka the Blue bag is Chicken Tikka Masala. The bag art actually showed off Chicken and several aromatics and vibrant spices. Chicken Tikka Masala is a very popular Indian inspired dish usually made with Roasted Chicken Cubes that are cooked in a decadent sauce made from tomato paste, chillies, and a variety of aromatics.

Bag 2 aka the Pink bag is Pizza Ntiavola, now, before you ask me what that is, I have to tell you I have no idea. Ntiavola is not a real word. I Googled it. If you search the word online, all that comes up is the Lay's Greece Facebook page, so I'm guessing it is slang for something. Regardless, I think we can use the bag art for some clues. It's a Pizza flavor and we see Tomato and Cheese, but there are also onions, chillies, and black peppercorns. I'll guess it's a spicy pizza. Either way, I've never met a Pizza flavored Chip that I didn't love, so I'm sure they are probably delish!

Bag 3 aka the Green Bag is Onion Tart. Again, now we see the bag had the clues all over it. I've never tried an Onion Tart, but that just sounds heavenly. I imagine the potato chip makes a great stand in for the tart crust, and if there is one flavor Lay's can always get right, it's onion. So this is probably awesome.

In the end, the 3 flavors were figured out by 3 Lay's fans who each went on to win 10,000 Euros. Not bad! I love this contest and would love to see it hit the States. What do yall think?

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