Saturday, May 9, 2015

Gotta Get At This: Walkers UK Mixups Crisps Mix Cheese & Bacon and Cheese & Worcester Sauce

Here it is yall! The final post in our 3 part series about the new Walkers Mixups line.
I am so dumb, I've been looking at these bags for some time now and I only just realized these are the exact same product that Belgium and the Netherlands just launched. The bag is the same, the style, and it's even practically the same font. duhh.
As with those bags, these bags mix 2 different flavored crisps in the same bag. Essentially giving you 3 flavors to choose from in 1 bag: the 2 separate, and then the mix. These are both tried and true flavors; a combo of "Cheese & Bacon" and a combo of "Cheese & Worcester Sauce". I would knock someone out for either of these, no question.
So, what do you think of these? Would you wanna see Mixups in the States? I think we could see some delicious Combos. Tell us in the comments!

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