Sunday, May 24, 2015

Lay's Canada Cinnamon Bun

Here is my review of the last of the Lay's Canada "Do Us A Flavour" finalists from last year. (Yeah, I know, this review sat in my files for like a year, I don't have an excuse, sorry). "Cinnamon Bun" was a fun and unique flavor to see come out of this contest. Right off the bat, the color of the bag and the flavor reminded me of Lay's USA's "Cappuccino". The flavors are very similar, but there was actually another bag that I've tried that I would call a DEAD RINGER for this bag; the limited edition Cheetos "Sweetos" bag that came out at the start of Spring. Texturally you have a huge difference, but flavor wise, they are pretty much the same. These Cinnamon Bun chips have a ton of yummy Cinnamon aroma (the scent is heavenly). The Cinnamon flavor comes through well and also an underlying Buttery flavor. Canada does use a more flavorful Potato than USA, so there is moderate Potato flavor that comes through and that stops this chip from tasting exactly like a Cinnamon Bun, I would compare this more to the flavor of a Mexican Churro. Seriously, change the name to Churro and I would say the bag lived up to it's name. As a Cinnamon Bun chip, it is just OK. I have a Potato Chip blog, so obviously I find this bag fun and would eat it again. But, if I didn't, I couldn't say this bag would be something to write home about. In fact some of my conservative chip eating friends who tried it absolutely hated it. So...Was it fun? Yes. Did you miss out if you didn't try it? Not really.


  1. Interesting. We really disliked Lay's Cappuccino flavour and wondered why it tasted of coconut.

    1. Ya, the people I ate the Cappuccino ones with HATED it. I don't recall tasting Coconut, but it's totally possible, because it didn't really taste like Coffee or Cappuccino. Comparing these 2 bags though, I would take Cappuccino over Cinnamon Bun.