Thursday, September 17, 2015

Lay's Spain Al Punto de Sal

When you are sitting poolside tanning in Seville Spain and you just want a bag of chippies, Lay's Spain has the perfect bag for you. "Al Punto de Sal" is Lay's Spain's take on Basic Salted Chips. Salty Crisps sound so simple, but they can go wrong so easily. Lay's Spain does a nice job of frying these babies up perfectly and evenly. The chips offer up a nice amount of potato flavor, and are seasoned well. The salt brings out the richness of the potato, as it should. All is good in the world.
Now, to keep it real, on a scale of Lay's Mexico quality chips to Walkers UK, it's obviously not as great as a bag of Walkers... but I definitely think it is well over the line of positive bags.
The bag lasted about 10 minutes and it was down to crumbs, so I really think it's a win.

When in Spain, it's a no brainer to pick it up.

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