Monday, September 21, 2015

Ruffles Spain York'eso

Here's a fun bag that got demolished in a few minutes in a hotel room in Madrid. Ruffles Spain makes the BEST Ham flavored chips, and here is a ham and cheese flavored bag called "York'eso". It took me a while to figure out what the name meant, but York'eso is Ruffles own slang for York y Queso, which refers to York Jamon and Queso... aka York Ham and Cheese (TaDa!).

York Ham refers Ham that has been dry cured for 10 weeks using a method originated in York, UK. Today anyone from anywhere can make York Ham using this method, so the ham is pretty common place. It's basically your average Ham & Cheese sandwich filler in Spain, and thus made it's way into a bag of chips.

The flavor is awesome; hearty, ruffle-cut potatoes,
decadent cheese flavor, and a hint of sweet jamon. The cheese makes this a strong, savory bag. It feels a bit salty, but that is from the cheese, not the salt. The ham, while being subtle in comparison to the cheese, still shines, coming in after the cheese taste in your mouth. The two flavors work together with the potato to bring a nice amount of interest, and complexity to this bag. It all works together so nicely.
I know that if this bag was sold here in the states, it would be a home run. And, after inhaling it in Spain, I'm pretty shocked it's not already on our shelves. I highly recommend it.

I "think" I saw small bags anywhere they sell sodas in Madrid (for sure they had the olive oil, salted, and jamon flavors everywhere) but if not, I found this bag in a supermarket in the mall (yes, in the mall). It shouldn't be too hard to find in Spain. So, hunt it down, and let us know what you think by commenting below!

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  1. i look forward to buying these every time I go to spain or portugal