Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Er, What?? Did you just say "Do Us A Flavor" Lay's?

I was listening to the radio today, and, um, do my ears deceive me? or did I just hear Lay's USA is doing a flavor contest??
This is awesome! This is the ish I like to see! Some initiative Lay's!!
Lets do this!!

 So here's this dillio...
Apparently while I was away, Lay's launched the "Do Us A Flavor" campaign (I love that name!) and what you do is... you submit a potential chip flavor... and if they pick it... they will make it into a chip... AND you win some money! If it sounds familiar, its because it is the tried and true contest that Lay's has been doing all over the world. The thing I love about these contests is it gives the consumers a chance to try a flavor that wouldn't have necessarily been brought to market otherwise. In Holland, the winner of their contest was a popular French Fry sauce. In Arabia, a Pizza flavored chip. And in Belgium, it was a popular local Hamburger. This is a chance for American chip lovers to go HAM and choose a unique flavor we've never seen before! (PS. Not literally Ham, or maybe, it's up to you)

Lay's did a great job picking the faces of the contest; Iron Chef Michael Symon and Restauranteur Eva Longoria. The contest interface also seems to be a good choice, it's pretty easy to just hop on Facebook and submit a flavor idea... or you can text it from your phone. NEATO!
The winning flavor will earn its creator a cool 1 million USD.
I'm ready to start hourly submissions!
Can't wait to see how this plays out, because as long as we are getting a new flavor, we've all basically won... right?

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