Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Walkers UK MAX Chargrilled Steak

Sorry for the mini hiatus everyone. Just got back from my first trip to Europe and couldn't blog over there... but I'm back with much to share. First bag is one I grabbed freshoftheboat at Heathrow. A bag of Walkers MAX (aka Ruffles, kids) flavored a la Chargrilled Steak. So here's what's up. For a ruffled chip, it wasnt really as potato-y as you would expect it to taste, but maybe that is because the seasoning here packed a HELL of a punch. You just stare at this bag and you can taste the steak charring on the grill. The flavor gets in every nook and cranny of these bad boys. For me, it was a bit too much. They were almost too "manly" for me... if that makes any sense. I barely ate half the bag to be honest. They just had this intense aroma and intense flavor that really isnt for me. I find myself more and more leaning toward the acidic chips and further from the BBQ flavors. But if I were a guy (or a BBQ chip lover, to be fair) I would think this chip rocked. The flavor was spot on. Imagine that Ribeye in the restaurant; this is the level of steak we are talking about. The chip was sturdy and thick cut. Well suited to hold all the weight of a full filet. At the end of the day, this chip wasnt for me, but that doesnt mean it was a bad chip... (insert pun about chip being a bad-ass)

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