Friday, August 24, 2012

Lay's Denmark Salted

Here's a bag of plain salted Lay's I picked up in Denmark. Denmark actually had quite a nice line up of flavors available, but I only got to try 3 of them... scratch that, 2 of them. My sister ate the third bag and didn't save me a single chip... so I forced her to do a guest blog on the flavor lol. Expect that soon haha.
Anyways, just for reference, the other flavors Denmark had that I didn't get a chance to taste were Heinz Tomato Ketchup, and Cheese & Onion. So, Ill have to try those on my next trip :)
But for now, we have the humble salted potato chip. These are made for the Scandinavian market, very much so, the Danes LOVE salty food and these chips don't let them down. They are RIDICULOUSLY salty. Almost too much so, but it's a little bag so I powered through it. My Danish friends LOVED them though, so what do I know? The potato was wonderful, perfectly crisp, nicely yellow, no burns, excellent crunch, and a nice potato flavor. But you really have to be comfortable with a high salt taste to enjoy these, I couldn't do a medium size bag if I had to. These probably pair well with the cold fish dishes that are really common in Denmark. So, just know that before you try. They suit the locale well, and for that reason I don't think it was a bad bag of chips. I also found these for sale in Sweden, so you may be able to buy them across Scandinavia if you are looking.

Note, if you do go looking to taste these, they can be bought individually in medium size bags or in a 6 pack of small bags. The 6 pack carries 3 flavors. The 6 pack was spotted in both Denmark and Sweden.

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