Sunday, September 16, 2012

Gotta Get At This: Lay's Guatemala Ponle Tu Sabor a Lay's Contest

Another day, another contest!
Looks like Lay's Guatemala and Lay's Dominican Republic are both conducting this contest right now. "Ponle Tu Sabor a Lay's", which translates to "Put Your Flavor in Lay's", is a typical 'create the next flavor' type contest. It seems this contest started off with fans submitting potential flavors online (just like the current US contest), but right now the contest is down to two flavors inspired by two different fans; Andrea and Francisco.
The flavors seem to be available in stores (I've yet to confirm this), and fans can go to the website to vote on which bag should be added to the full time lineup. Both of these bags sound KILLER! I would grab either of these without a second thought. Pollo al Limon or Lime Chicken is Andrea's flavor. Even the picture on the bag just makes me want to dive in. And Lomito Encebollado or Tenderloin with Onions is Francisco's flavor. That sounds like a delicious take on the Steak and Onions bag. mmm. Both sound worthy of winning. I'll update when I find out which one wins. But if anyone has friends in Central America that can get their hands on these, I recommend you try and get some.
Also, I just wanted to say, these bags look AWESOME. They have a little touch of 80's with the white striping at the top, but modern coloring and a modern logo. These just look so cool. Not to mention that they have the food being sliced into chips. SOO COOL! Love the look of these!

UPDATE: I was recently looking at the Dominican Republic site and saw that they had 2 different finalists on the page now, I don't know what happened, but they do share a landing page so it looks like the pages got crossed and are now fixed. The Dominican finalists are Carlos with "Salsa a la Parmesana" and Indhira with "A la Parilla". Which are basically Parmesan Sauce and Grilled Beef. I'll throw together a new entry in more detail, but for now I want to clarify that DR has their own unique finalists. The two flavors in this blog entry above are exclusive to Guatemala.

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