Monday, September 24, 2012

Lay's Arabia Chili

I just ate this bag... nay, a single chip from this bag. It's pretty fowl. I had a friend over who reads my blog (Hi Malyssa!) and we dared to try this flavor. Thought the worst part would be the spice... boy, were we wrong. You open the bag and the smell is indescribable. Maybe like milk left out over night in an old leather bag. It was just BAD. We couldnt figure the smell out, but presumed it wouldnt impact the taste. How this bag could take on a taste so foul, I will never know. It tasted like the smell. Whatever that was. Followed by a tiny, itty bitty, bite of spice. Then... the creepy unknown flavor amplifies... and it sits in your mouth... for what feels like forever. The chip is very similar to the US Lays in texture; its quite flaky and thin. But you can't focus on the chip with a flavor so disturbing.

Do not ever, ever, eat this bag of chips. Do you understand?

This has been a Public Service Announcement, brought to you by your friends at The Chip Report.

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